Academy of Arts and Athletics (AAA)

Co-owned by : Tracey Tran and Juliana Yap

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

We want to provide a high-level academic environment where students can enhance their academic ability and talent with advanced curriculum and to create life skills through the use of fine arts and sports.

Vision Statement

We strive to produce high achieving young men and women that are well prepared for the real world.

About Us

We are a traditional private school, located in suburban Georgia, that focuses on teaching academics through athletics and the fine arts. Our school mascot is the right whale, and our school colors are navy blue and white. At our school, we have a block schedule, which is on a semester-long basis. Our school strives to prepare the students for college by teaching at higher academic levels, helping them along the way with sports and the fine arts.

What Makes Us Different

  • Hour-long gourmet lunches so the students are able to get the nutrition they need
  • No uniforms so the students can express themselves
  • Chance to improve at activities that help their academic skills
  • State-of-the-art facilities for both athletics and fine arts
  • Higher academic curriculum

Block Schedule

8:00-9:25 Start of School and First Block

9:30-10:55 Second Block

11:00-12:00 Lunch

12:05-1:30 Third Block

1:35-3:00 Fourth Block and End of School

Tuition Cost



-gourmet lunches


-maintains athletic centers

-funds music and art programs