What's Your Story?

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Teachers are Heroes

Oh, the stories you could tell! The struggles you've endured... the hours you have toiled... the tears you have shed... the joy you have known. Your dedication today is appreciated. And when our tomorrows are filled with wonder and inspiration, as a new generation takes it's place in history, we will remember the heroes who planted the seeds, tended the garden and lovingly watched as today's seedlings grew into tomorrow's flowers. The world is a more beautiful place because of your service! Share your story in a beautiful Origami Owl Living Locket and wear it as a badge of honor... you deserve it!

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Visit my website and select a locket then fill it with the charms that tell your story, or the story of someone you love and admire very much. Just select "Jessica Anderson's Jewelry Bar" at checkout to benefit one of your own. And if I can answer any questions or help you in your selection, do NOT hesitate to contact me directly. I love what I do... and my job it to help you tell your story in a beautiful fashion with Origami Owl's incredible collection of Living Lockets and Inspirational Tags.

Tammy Leatherby, Independent Designer

Every locket tells a story... what's yours?