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Nov 7-11, 2016

With this being a month of gratitude, consider putting pen to paper-

CBS Evening News - On the Road: The lost art of thank you notes

from Bret-

One session I attended at the National Summer Learning conference focused on providing feedback to teachers after observations. Here are some takeaways concerning the greeting/icebreaker/setting the stage conversation that should take place BEFORE you talk about the observation:

· Principal acknowledges teacher’s time

· Principal asks teacher about goal of lesson

· Principal asks teacher about the goal of this conversation

· Principal paraphrases and affirms teacher’s goal and aim of conversation

· Principal clearly states his/her goal for this conversation

I will share the remaining structured sections of this conversation in future RAHs.

I got this great idea from a colleague. In his Title 1 school, teachers meet with their coach each Tuesday during planning time. His team has divided this learning into chunks, which reflect the school wide theme (Superheroes). In sum:

· H – The first Tuesday of the month is centered on Heavy learning where teachers learn something new (he’s using this to roll out the Writing IC).

· E –The second Tuesday of the month is Evidenced based in which teachers look at data (running records, iReady, DRA, etc.).

· R – The third Tuesday of the month centers on Relevant learning, in which teachers focus on creating PBL units.

· O – The fourth Tuesday is Optional, in which teachers can connect with the Blended Learning coach (this is a year 2 IGNITE school).

As a leader, it is required that you address inappropriate adult behaviors to ensure accountability. Here is a quick read on how to start a conversation you’re dreading to have with someone underperforming.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

“Our kids now need an education that is far more connected and real than in the past — an education that gives them not only knowledge, but also provides them with empowerment and agency.

FMP Survey Reminder

Please continue to remind your community AND your staff to take the FMP survey at the QR code or the link below:

It is crucial that we receive as much feedback/input as possible to help guide this process. Thank you for your help!

from J-

What a wonderfully exhausting week. The pace of learning across our system is certainly intense, and I believe we as adults our experiencing what we ask of students every day. I think it's fair to say that learning is the great calibrating experience between students and adults in our system. My follow up question is around the expectation of this learning ownership: Are our students the owners of their learning, or are we still carrying that ownership?

I'm looking forward to some great learning together on Wednesday. I ask that you come to our Elementary Leadership Team on Wednesday with two working definitions as you understand them: 1) What is your personal working definition of Tier 1 Instruction? and 2) What is your personal working definition of Tier 2 Interventions? Please come with these written out, JJ style, one definition per post-it note.

I'm completing visits from the past two weeks where couldn't find white space on the calendar, so I'm not adding anything more to this shortened week. Enjoy your Monday trade-out -- please do something fun and relaxing that recharges your battery.

10 Collaborative Tech Projects Students Will Love!

Here are some simple tech tools students can use to create awesome projects.

SPSNow Reminder

Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 8am

District Wide

Event Details:

November 8, 2016, 8:00 - 11:00 am

  • K-5 classroom teachers, Title I, ELL, and Librarians at Kickapoo High School
  • 6-12 teachers except Fine Arts and PE teachers at Parkview High School
  • K-12 Fine Arts and PE teachers at Central High School
For the Record

For the Record is the newsletter sent out by Ann White and the Records Office. If your not aware or reading this- please repent now. Transitional Transfer, Parents Searching for Children, Dealing with Difficult People, and more. Really good info!

Veterans Day

Friday, Nov. 11th, 8am


Thank you for teaching this generation the importance of honoring those who continue to give and have given us our freedoms.