Gooney Bird Greene

by Lois Lowry

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Handel - Sarabande in D minor (beautiful orchestra version)

"I Believe I'm Unique"

Between her fashion style and her style of storytelling, Gooney Bird Greene believes she is very unique.

Unique is a character trait of Gooney Bird Greene.

Can you think of ways which you are unique?

"Out there, invisble, are a lot of stories not yet told"

Gooney Bird Greene ends by Gooney Bird telling her class that everyone has their own story to tell! Each of us is very unique and with the right storytelling, we can each be as entertaining as she is!

And as Gooney Bird says..."Sometimes, class, if you're creating a story and you get stuck, just say the word suddenly and you won't have any trouble continuing at all."

Gooney Bird Greene

About Lois Lowry

A biography of the author of Gooney Bird Green, Lois Lowry!