By Reina Carreno

My research Question

How have cell phones changed us socially?

Less communication skills

People lose the face to face conversations. Connecting us more to the world and not as much to our family. Making us more prone to be texting and emailing then picking up a phone and calling or setting up a meeting to see someone.

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You hear alot of cases where young teens have die do to driving and texting. As well not being able to study due to having to text back or see whats on the internet.
Manifesto - Texting while driving video

Bad grammar

As text becomes the medium of communication we see language decrease. Teens pick up a slang with words that don't even exist. As well as getting to use to it to even write it down without noticing its not proper English.
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There are some useful things cellphones can be use for. Unfortunately in today's society you see teens using them wrong. Using cellphones that are not benefiting them in day to day experiences as communication, seeing the world in front of them, learning.