Camelback Desert School

Specialist News

Week of September 19, 2016

This Week at CDS:

ART with Mrs. Schloss

Students continued working on their Cultural Fair projects. The Intermediates began coloring and assembling their Native American dream catchers. PreK classes completed their personal Washington D.C. monument collages and began painting Pop Art American flags. Kindergarteners mixed plaster and painted Michelangelo inspired Italian frescos. First graders assembled colorful Brazilian rainforest rain sticks and the third and fourth graders worked on carp kites and bamboo paintings. C.D.S. students have become world-traveling art aficionados!

MUSIC with Ms. Khalil

In music, the students continued to work on memorizing their lyrics and choreography for Cultural Fair. Each grade level will be singing a song that represents the state or country they are studying. Some classes are making cute crafts to go with their song. This year, performances of each class will be videotaped and emailed to the parents. Not only do the students have fun performing, they are learning many different skills. Some of these skills focus on pitch, rhythmic patterns and dynamics. Practicing choreography helps the whole child in many ways. They use their gross motor skills and practice coordination and balance. I love watching the students express themselves through performing, especially when they are singing in a different language. Great job this week!

SPANISH with Senora Alvarez

Beginners learned how to say "grande y pequeño" (large and small) while they chose the size of a shape. Preschool, PreK and kindergarten reviewed the colors and shapes while playing Bingo Colors and Shapes. First graders learned how to write when recognizing the sound of the vowels and consonants in Spanish. Third and fourth graders continued practicing "Hay" with the new vocabulary of "La ciudad, y el vecindario" (the city and the neighborhood). Also, they reviewed the vocabulary of the "Salón de clase" (Classroom).

TECHNOLOGY with Mr. Anthony

Intermediates learned about their Cultural Fair state animals: the wildlife of Arizona. PreK discovered Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in their Cultural Fair city, Washington D.C. Kindergarten and first grade explored the physical geography of their countries, Italy and Brazil. Third and fourth graders have been learning to resize images and fonts for their Cultural Fair projects.

P.E. with Coach Ricky

This week in P.E. we ended our swimming program due to low water temperature. I want to thank all of the children for their hard work and all of their progress over the last month. They worked very hard and we saw huge improvements. I want to also thank our Life Guards, George and Hannah, for their great work and keeping our students safe. I can’t wait to get P.E. started on the field/sport court next week. Please make sure that your children have gym shoes and water bottles. Thanks, Coach Ricky.

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