Don't discriminate

Don't base your decision on ethnicity

Give everyone a chance

We shouldn't base our decisions on the way a person looks or acts. We should give them a fair chance the same as everyone else, to prove themselves.

Magna Carta

The Magna Carta was the first official document that helped protect the peoples right so that they were protected from the king of England and how much power he had. This document was created June 15th 1215.

No Slavey

People shouldn't but a servant to somebody else just because they are a different race or gender. One group of people should not be overpowering of a different race because of their beliefs.

Everyone is entitled to have their rights protected and reserved

No matter where we come from or where we are we have a the right to A Fair and Free World. Even if we're young old black white brown or yellow we all have this basic right and it should always be respected and upheld.

Right to responsibility

People have to right inform others who are not fully concerned of their human rights. People have the right to know whether or not their rights are being at stake or even violated.

No one can take away you rights

Nobody can ever take away your rights. You have these human rights from the moment your born to the moment that you die, these rights are preserved and should stay that way.