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Peek of the Week

Our Focus: Please make sure your child has had plenty of sleep and a healthy breakfast. We will be testing this week, and statistics prove children do better when they have plenty of sleep and nutritious diets. We will continue to talk about "Pushes and Pulls". Students will identify pushes and pulls on objects they interact with on a regular basis and how they affect their everyday life.

Weekly Skills: Students will manipulate objects with their hands and well as investigate simple machines to develop a deeper understanding of force and motion. Through observations and keeping records, they will investigate the collision of two objects and the importance of direction and strength of the force.

Popcorn Words: 3Q Popcorn Words

Math: As the students have become very comfortable with number sense of 0-10, we will be developing skills to be fluent in addition and subtraction from numbers 0-5. Students will be using pictures, story problems, fingers and manipulatives to become proficient in composing (adding) and decomposing (subtracting) mathematical equations.

Help at Home

  • Remind your child to return their reading folder.
  • Identify UC and LC letters and sounds of the alphabet.
  • Writing the sounds they hear when they stretch words.
  • Letter and number formation.
  • Spell simple CVC words (cat, rip, log, bed)
  • Develop strong fine motor skills through cutting, writing and manipulatives.
  • Practice Quarter 2 Popcorn Word List and Quarter 3 Popcorn Word List
  • Please continue to work on tying shoes. Here is a helpful video!

Special Schedule

Monday - PE

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - PE

Snack Schedule

Monday - Christian

Tuesday - Asher

Wednesday - Michelle

Thursday - Lillian

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Important Dates

1.25-2.11 - STAR Testing window

2.9 - McTeacher Night

2.11 - Valentine Exchange

2.12 - No School PD

2.17 - Spring Pictures

2.18 - Donuts for Dads

Valentine Exchange

If your child plans to participate in the Valentine Exchange, Please make sure they have 20 cards for members in our classroom. I do not have the students put "To:" names on the cards, as it becomes very tedious handing out the cards. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great week! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Redfern :)


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