The Papal Monarchy

By: Ramsey Alahmad/Lorena Najera

What is the Papal Monarchy

The Pope is the Papal Monarchy. Catholicism is one of the largest religions of the world. The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church. The Pope is thought of as the leader, and thus a monarch to the Church. The Vatican, known as the Holy See, is kind of like the headquarters of the Catholic Church, and is where the Pope lives.

Vatican City is a sacerdotal-monarchical state, ruled by the bishop of Rome—the Pope. Below the Pope are priests, monks, nuns, missionaries, and other religious orders.

Why Him?

The Pope is chosen as head of the Church by the College of Cardinal. They meet in Conclave when the Pope dies, and elect a new one. Electing the new Pope isn’t done the same way as electing a president. It is written that any Catholic man in good standing can be elected Pope. But, there are also “unwritten” or unofficial rules to being elected Pope:
1. RANK: One must be a Cardinal to be elected Pope.

2. AGE: There are no official age requirements for being elected Pope, but the ideal age range is from one's late 50's to late 70's.

3. LANGUAGES: The person who would be Pope must speak at least 3 languages

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