The constitution

by: Colby Kusterbeck

The three branches

  1. The Legislative branch is the house of representatives and senate who represents the president nomination the congress can approve president nomination.
  2. The Executive branch has the president and he can nominate the judges.
  3. The Judicial branch the court can declare laws unconstitutional.

We the people

The constitutions was made made so there would be no tyranny in the new country and so it would be a new country. James Madison was worried about tyranny because they left England because king Gorge ||| was a big tyrant!


Tyranny is the power of one person or a whole group and they worried thy would have to allow a little tyranny because they need laws so they will have a strong country.


They made the constitution because the old constitution was not strong enough to support the new country. They also made it so the king of england would not have the power over them.
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Bills are the start of laws and they go through a long process to be laws and they start as bills and thy have to be approved by the president.

The legislative branch

The legislative branch is divided into two parts the first one is they decide how many representatives in the state by how many people where there. They also let the senator vote one time each time.
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The preamble

The preamble is the beginning intro into the constitution and it states WE THE PEOPLE so it proves we all have rights.
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