Ancient Egyptian and Roman Beauty

By: Alexandra Zip - Gateway Project - Digital Product

Was Beauty Important?

Yes beauty in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome was quite important, as makeup, and great looking skin was a sign of wealth, and power.

Royal Beauty

In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome looking pretty and youthful was very important to give off a good impression. Because these kings and queens would be sometimes worshipped. So they would take time in their beauty routines. In fact some of these kings and queens took it to far as to have had beauty slaves.

Beauty Slaves

The kings and queens of Egypt and Rome had beauty slaves because they were just so busy. The poor slaves would give pedicures, manicures, wash hair, dye hair, prepare baths, and get ingredients for their beauty products. The more powerful had to have natural products to make them look youthful. The beauty slave for queen Cleopatra of 69 BC - 30 BC would have her slave get a lot of weird ingredients.

Ancient Roman's Beauty Slaves?

Ancient Rome did not have beauty slaves, unlike Ancient Egypt. The Roman women and men with more money or power of course would have someone who knew about skin come to their house to check their skin. Like a dermatologist. Because in Rome the women had very oily, acne prone skin. Due to their genes. So they would have someone come over to look at their skin if it was really bad around the hotter months. Just because they thought they were dying though skin decease.


Well if the Ancient Roman's cared if they were dying though their skin then they would have not used white lead as power for they face! Because white lead is poisonous! But because of their pale faces that was the only thing white enough. They also used the white lead to cover any dark hairs because the powerful, and older Ancient Romans wore wigs. When you think older, the women would start wearing wigs in their late 20's because the Ancient Romans did not live very long.

Lead for Egyptians?

The Ancient Egyptians did not use white lead as they were tan, and smart. But as a face covering thing the women would use bronzer, mixed with a thick cream, as a foundation cream. This cream would be used to sculpture the Ancient Egyptians bodies to make them look perfect! As the richer needed to look perfect.

Take Looking Perfect Too Far?

Cleopatra loved looking perfect, mainly for her husbands and the people that lived in her kingdom. So she took pride in her hair. So much she would have a olive oil, and coconut oil hair mask. Pretty much every day. Which is a lot! For hair to handle! Also don't forget her taking milk baths. Bathing in milk twice a week. Mainly people take warm baths. That must have been cold!

Got Milk Baths?

Ancient Rome's women did not take milk baths. But the women did love baths. They would take baths pretty much everyday. To keep clean. In Ancient Egypt the women would use soap. Made out of oils, and scents. Cleopatra on the other hand, made soap out of donkey milk, and crocodile dung. Just think of those poor beauty slaves that had to get those "ingredients".

Makeup Expected?

Yes all of that to look beautiful. Mainly because in Ancient Egypt the people excepted their royalty to be perfect so makeup was a must. Here are some of their makeup looks.

Roman Makeup

Now the Ancient Roman royalty did not need to be perfect. But should not have been sloppy.

Makeup Looks For Egyptians


Now you know that Beauty and Cosmetic were important to the Ancient. The makeup was highly praised and all those treatments were very important to look good. So the Ancient queens and kings would be seen as royalty.