Investing and saving: by ahidee zavala

why should you invest and save?

Saving and investing are both important. when you save your money you are keeping it save and you will have money when you need it. when you invest your money, it will be a low-high investment. When you invest, the economy grows and so does your money according to the type of investment you made.

TIPS ON SAVING : Having A Budget, Set Long Term Goals, Know Your Options


There are many types of investments that are available to you, but there are stages that you must complete before getting to a certain investment type. There are 5 stages of saving and investing .

1) Put-and-take account

2) Beginning to invest

3) Systematic investing

4) Strategic investing

5) speculative investing

If you would rather prefer to have low risk investments there are some that have a low risk. The lower risk investments include a Savings account and a checking s account. if you would like to get a higher return you would like to make a high risk investment. The higher the risk the more return you will receive and the lower the risk the less return but the liquidity is higher.