Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

March 16

Moreau Heights is a collaborative community focused on student growth with a commitment to excellence.

PBS lesson

The PBS lesson for the next two weeks will focus on You Can Handle It When Things Don't Go Your Way!

Our Second Steps lessons this week will focus on the following:

Kindergarten will work on having fun with our friends.

1st grade will review Second Steps lessons.

Grade 2 will focus on playing fairly on the playground.

Grade 3 will work on dealing with negative peer pressure.

Grade 4 will focus on taking responsibility for your actions.

Grade 5 will focus on seeking help.

Are you using Charger Cash to reinforce PBS expectations and Second Step skills?

- We want to use positive reinforcement to draw attention to what we want to see more of from our students.

- How do you make sure you are putting the focus where you want it?

- Are you remembering to use all your tools? Specific feedback? Charger Cash?

"You are a giant, yellow highlighter. Highlight behavior you want more of, and help children become aware of the many kind and helpful things they do each day."

Conscious Discipline Connection - Connecting and Creating a Community

Watch the video below about Morning Meetings.

  • What elements do you already have in place? What could you add to your morning meeting routine?
  • As specials teachers, what elements can you put in place to start each of your class periods to support student success?

Duties for the Week

Big picture

iReady License Use

You can see from the data below that we are improving with our use of licenses - seeing increase minutes of use per student. Please keep working to see that each of your students gets at least 45 minutes per week.

If you look further into the reports below, you will see that our pass rates have dropped. Are we tracking student progress on this to make sure that they are receiving additional support as needed AND that they are giving their iReady work their full focus and best effort?

What systems have you developed in your classroom to manage iready minutes?


Big picture


Big picture

Wanting Some Behavioral Support Ideas?

If you are wanting to set up a time to talk with Doug about behavioral interventions and support for a student in your class, please submit the form through the link below.

Calendar of Events

Monday, March 19

*SWECC transition mtg (Langton, Wilding, Haugen) 10:15

*SSTs with Hammann (Haugen, James, Holtmeyer, Hammann) 1:15

Tuesday, March 20

*IEP mtg for KH (Connelly, Schell, Lueckenhoff, Rackers, Lock, Weaver, Humphreys, Haugen) 10:00

*Student-led conferences 4 - 7:30

Wednesday, March 21

*IEP mtg for KR (Albers, James, Humphreys, Lueckenhoff, Farmer, McKim, Lock) 9:15

*IEP for LH (Boeckman, Gragg, Haugen) 10:45

*Student mtg at Every Child's Hope 1:00 (Haugen)

*SSTs for Russler (Haugen, Treat, James) 2:00

*Tier 2 mtg 3:45

Thursday, March 22

*Collaboration day - focus on guided reading

*Elementary Principal mtg (Sue at BOE) 8 - 11

*TK parent mtg (Fleming, James, Spear, Haugen) 12:15

*Student-led conferences 4 - 7:30

Friday, March 23

*PBS Assemblies

- 8:30 for grades 3-5

- 9:40 for grades k-2

*Wellness Fundraiser due

*Meeting at BOE (Haugen, Moeller, Holliday) 1 - 2:30


Monday, April 2

*Fire drill 10:00

Tuesday, April 3

* DB staffing (Treat, Humphreys, James, Haugen) 9:15

*LW IEP (Haugen, Gragg, Hammann) 1:15

*PBS team mtg 3:45

Wednesday, April 4

*Paraprofessional Appreciation Day! - SHOW SOME LOVE!

*District admin (Sue at Dix Rd ) 8:30 - 12:30

*BB IEP (Connelly, Steinman, Humphreys, Haugen, Lock, Cremin)

*Staff Mtg 3:45

Thursday, April 5

*Collaboration Day

*MG staffing (James, Dunn, Spear, Haugen, Treat) 1:15

Friday, April 6

*Transitional mtg at SWECC (Haugen, Connelly) 9:00

Difference Maker Nomination Form

Nominate a staff member who has made a positive impact for students, families and staff!