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December News ~ Upcoming Events 2016

Hello, 2016!

Happy January! I don't know about you but the thought and promise of a new year gives me renewed hope and excitement. As we start January and Ready Set Sell, let's be intentional about what we're doing with our business so we can earn some free spring products and prepare to relaunch ourselves with the new spring catalog in February. This month, get yourself organized and set yourself up for success by making a short list of attainable goals. Maybe it's a few short term goals for the first couple months of the new catalog season that'll lead to bigger results down the road! Write them down where you can see them daily! Some of you have a peer group or partner; use each other for support, motivation, and accountability. These are such small things that make a big difference in the life of your business.

In 2016 we'll also be working on specific ways to branch out and expand your business outside of your immediate circle of people; this seems to be where so many people get stuck and frustrated. It's so possible and we need to work on this. We're going to book more parties (for those of you wanting to do that) and work on ways to grab retail sales from other sources each month. We are also going to create a recruiting culture. Recruiting is NOT a hard, scary thing! It's a mindset. Once you get into that mindset, it's easier and you'll be much more confident and excited about what it can do for you and the overall changes it brings to our entire team. Book, Sell, Recruit. These are the basics of a healthy, thriving business and those are the fundamentals we'll strive to get stronger with this year together!

I'm also starting a Rising Stars program for top performers in these categories to hone in on you and get you to the next level in your business, up your paycheck more, and show you how it can be done and maintained without a ton of extra work, too! ANYONE can be a Thirty-One leader! This is your year!

I'm so excited to see where this year will take each one of us as we add to our numbers and intensify our strength as we go. I hope you're excited about what's to come and gearing yourself up for a BIG new season! Now, go earn some free spring products and let's end the fall/winter season strong!

Celebrate ~ Encourage ~ Reward

Let's CER for December!

Team Sales: $6,314.54 WOO HOO! Great job, ladies!

Parties: 7

New Team Members: 1

Welcome again, Kelly Peterson!

Congrats to Lisa Lewis for becoming a Qualified Consultant!

Top PV ($600+):

Tessa Burrell $781.73

Sandra McGuire $638.93

Nice job on those numbers, ladies!

December Party Girls:

Christina Muir, 1

Kelly Peterson, 1

Sandra McGuire, 1

Tessa Burrell, 1

Shannon Engle, 1

Look Who Was Selling!

Christina Muir

Lisa Lewis

Amanda Richardson

Jennifer Valine

Kelly Peterson

Cori White

Charlene White

Sandra McGuire

Shaela Wise

Tessa Burrell

Tammy Burrell

Shannon Engle

Casey Norris

Amanda Bailey

Jeannine Whitley


Dream Builders:

Amanda Richardson, 1 new recruit

Stephanie's Stats:

PV: $1,002.78

Parties: 2

Recruits: 0

Get in touch with your Director!

I'm here for you! Let's chat one on one and set your 2016 goals!


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Featuring Casey Norris!

I asked Casey what she was doing to help her earn Ready Set Sell and she is working on a bag sponsorship making up Chemo Comfort bags to donate filled with items for local cancer patients. This is a great way to earn RSS and also give back to the community!

*Casey, you've been a consultant since May 2014. What has been your favorite part of your business or this company in that time?

"My favorite part of my business is getting to build relationships with my customers."

*What are some of your goals, short term or long term, for your business in 2016?

"My long term goals for my business in 2016 is continuing to build those relationships with my customers and any new ones. And hopefully build my team."

GREAT GOALS, CASEY! Relationships are so key in this business! Good luck rocking this year and making it the best one yet!

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HEY GIRL! Don't forget to order your spring add-on kit for just $40! It is quite the darn good deal for what you get and you'll love showing off these pieces right away so order yours soon from your back office! Just go to Orders like you're placing an order and from the drop down menu you'll see Add-On Kit. You have until Jan. 20 to order!

Don't forget spring business supplies are also available now. Check out what's there and by all means get your catalogs and opportunity brochures so you can start sending those out! Catalogs are the best marketing tool we've got and they're always beautiful!