Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

Grade level/ Subject Area: Kindergarten/ Science

Curriculum connections:

Throughout the month of April, our kindergarten class will be learning all about insects such as butterflies. By observing a set of real caterpillars placed in the classroom, they will discover the process of a caterpillars life from the beginning . This lesson plan is designed to help kindergarten students learn about the types stages of this unique organisms life, including reproduction.

Performance Objectives:

After completing this lesson, students will be able to identify the four different stages of the butterfly life cycle and recognize when the butterflies in the classroom emerge from one stage to the next. Also, to show their knowledge and understanding, students will work independently to complete a hands on task based on the life cycle of a butterfly and use labels to outline the stages in order.

Materials Needed for this Lesson:

> Pencils

> Colored pencils & markers

> Scissors

> Glue

> Paper plates

> Colored pasta ( Cavatapi green= caterpillar, Farfaile Red= butterfly, shell blue= Chrysalis)

> Black eyed peas (egg)

> Label cutouts


  1. Have students write their name on the back of their paper plates with a pencil.
  2. Senior kindergarten's will choose the sheet with the empty labels and write the name of the stages on their own, while Junior kindergarten students will choose a sheet that contains the names of the types of stages.
  3. Senior and Junior kindergartens will cut out the stages and paste them using glue onto the paper plate in the appropriate order.
  4. Once stages are glued, the title should also be glued in the center of the plate.
  5. Students will choose the black eyed pea to show the egg stage, the cavatapi green pasta to show the caterpillar stage, the blue shell pasta to show the chrysalis stage and the farfaile red pasta to show the butterfly stage.
  6. In order to show the changes between the stages, students should use a marker to draw arrow from the first stage, to the last and show that the butterfly life cycle is continuous.
  7. Once the stages are completed, students have the option to color their paper plates.

Classroom Management



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Lesson Agenda

Monday, April 20th, 11:30am-12:30pm

1385 Sherwood Mills Boulevard

Mississauga, ON