Welcome Oak Hill All-Stars

equipment options


First and foremost, congratulations on your child making All Stars. Through your guidance and their hard work they have achieved a goal that was put in motion by you as parents to excel at whatever they do. Chad and I hope to make this summer fun and memorable for your child.

We have received our team colors and we will be the RED team. We have reached out to vendors to get the best possible deal in equipment. Below are team bags and helmets that we feel the kids would love and carry with pride and carry into next season as a Badge of Honor. The bags will be embroidered with the kids name and number and will have the year (2016) of this accomplishment. depending on our team name we are looking into decals for the helmets and will get back to you as soon we decide on a name.

Based on which options we decide on - the cost will be evenly split up between 12. This does not include cost of embroidery, we will be using the same vendor as oak hill uses so it should be approx. $5.00.

Please take a look below and lets come up with a decision.

Please be aware that our decision could be affected if they are out of stock, we will then have to get what is available. We will be placing order tonight after our meeting to get in before our first tournament.