LWJ Today

March 12, 2021

Learning Model Updates

We are currently working on reviewing the results of family preference surveys in order to determine class rosters that will be effective April 6, 2021.

  • Please be advised that due to family preferences and school needs, changes to homeroom teachers may be necessary to accommodate both in-person and distance learners.
  • In addition, please be advised that we may encounter capacity limits if requests for in-person learning exceed room capacities.
  • We anticipate sharing learning and class assignments later in the week of March 15, 2021.

For those students who have not yet returned to in-person learning but may be returning on April 6th, it is time to prepare for April 6th by wearing a mask during learning time if your preference is for your child to attend school in-person. For the week of March 15th, start the week with three hours and end the week building up to wearing a mask for the entire school day.

Please know that information about the learning models for LWJES will come directly from LWJES, either through the weekly newsletter, ParentLink, or Class Dojo.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we develop and modify plans.

Reminder: Check Your Child's Health Daily

Families are required to check their child's health each morning before coming to school on their assigned in-person learning days.

Any students determined to be exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19 will be sent home immediately from school from the satellite health office. Should isolation and/or quarantine protocols need to be enacted, communication will be provided from the school.

Click here to view information about checking for illness before leaving home.

Dress Code Reminders

As students return to campus, we would like to remind families about the Clark County School District dress code. Be sure to check your child’s clothes as he/she has grown a lot over the past year!

  • All students must wear shorts, skirts, and dresses that are fingertip length (no clothing shorter than 5 inches above the knee), hemmed and without frays.
  • All sleeveless shirts must have straps at least three inches (3”) wide and cover the shoulder. Shirts or blouses must extend beyond the belt level and be appropriately buttoned.
  • Shoes and socks are required. Open-toed shoes must have a heel strap and be worn with socks. Tennis shoes or soft soled shoes are recommended. Shoes with wheels are not allowed.
  • Crop tops, strapless, low-cut clothing, clothing with slits, outfits that provide minimal coverage, the wearing of headgear, clothes with spikes or studs and clothes with slogans or advertising that is controversial or obscene in nature are prohibited.
  • Hats or headgear may be worn outside only, except on special occasions.

The administration has the right to designate which types of fashion, fads, or appearance disrupt or detract from the educational program. If appropriate clothing is not worn, a phone call home will be made asking the parent/guardian to bring the appropriate clothing to school. Thank you for checking your child’s appearance each morning before she/he leaves home.

The District reserves the right to insist that the dress and grooming of students are within the limits of generally accepted community standards and students shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness. Students’ dress, personal appearance, and conduct are required to be of such character as not to disrupt or detract from the educational environment of the school or create a safety hazard.

We expect all visitors to the school to be good examples of the dress code.

Finally, be sure to write your child’s name in his/her clothing in the event something is lost.

We appreciate your support!

In-Person Learners - Please Keep Extra Masks In Backpacks

For our in-person learners, please keep a supply of clean masks in your child's backpack. This is very helpful if an ear loop breaks or a mask becomes soiled. The school may not have a mask that fits your child well to replace a mask that is no longer usable. Thank you for your assistance!

Reminder: Change Clocks This Weekend

Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday, March 14, 2021, at 2:00 a.m. Please be sure to turn your clocks AHEAD one hour!

LWJES Lunch Bunch Information

We will continue LJWJES Lunch Bunch on 3/17/2021.

The link to the LWJES Lunch Bunch will be available in Clever (icon will have a smile emoji). Teachers will also remind students on their day about LWJES Lunch Bunch. Students must be logged in to their CCSD Google account to join.

  • Wednesday (3/17/2021)
    • K-2 @ 11:30 a.m.
    • 3-5 @ 12:00 p.m.

REPOSTING: Hybrid (In-Person) Learning Model Information

There are many new procedures that are in place that are different from how school has operated in the past. In addition, we may adjust procedures based on the progress of the implementation process.

It is imperative that all families with students learning in-person carefully follow all aspects of our school's hybrid plan.

Working together, we will achieve our goal of educating students in a safe environment!

All information is subject to ongoing change. Please check back often to review updated information! The following links will take you directly the information indicated.

Click here to go to the Hybrid & Distance Info section of LWJES Online.

View a recording of the hybrid model live stream from 2/22/2021.

Click here to go to the family informational session recording.

View current learning schedules in effect for March 2021.

Click here to view schedules for Kindergarten through Grade 5.

Everyone (students and adults) must wear a mask/facial covering when on campus, both indoors and outdoors.

Click here to view information about masks/facial coverings.

Review hand hygiene, social distancing, and respiratory etiquette with your child.

Click here to view information about washing hands, distancing, and respiratory etiquette.

Your class needs supplies!

Click here to view information about donations requested for classrooms.

Your child needs to bring certain items to school each day they come to school for in-person learning.

Click here to view information about what students MUST bring with them on days they are assigned to in-person learning.

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Click here to see meal menus online. You can also search for food distribution sites on this website.

LWJES Online Site

Our school's website with a collection of resources for digitally-supported education.

Campus Parent

Click here to go to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Spring Break - No School

Monday, March 29th, 7am to Monday, April 5th, 4pm

This is an online event.