Ms. Paparella's Class

February Update

Trying Something New!

Good afternoon! Someone suggested Smore as a way to communicate both content AND pictures! Please let me know what you think!

Ms. P

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Curricular Update

Upcoming Units

English Language Arts

Next week, students will be receiving a new reading log! The purpose of the reading log is to draw their attention to specific key elements in the texts. On the other side, you will see the reading log from class! This will give you an idea as to what they are reading when they are in the school building with me!

In reading, we are also focusing on cause and effect. Our kids are making connections to other content areas, which is the goal! With spelling, we collected some data as a class and realized that a great deal of kids were still struggling with long vowel patterns. Examples would be: oa, o-e, etc. Students are investigating these patterns during reading; therefore they are creating their own spelling lists based on the words they find! It has been very exciting for them to see their own investment come to life!


We just wrapped up our unit on money! Many times when I talk about the use of manipulatives, it is easy to see how helpful they can be! However, with money this is not the case. Using coins in our classroom was a great way for them to see the shapes and images; however, they all had different values. Therefore, this unit unveiled some of the gaps our kids still have with their understanding of base 10 and base 5. Fluency Practice at home is KEY.

A way that you can continue to support your child at home is to skip count with them using 2's, 5's and 10's! Fact fluency is ALWAYS encouraged as well. In regards to money specifically, if you can just count out coins in front of your child! There is no better experience than one that is authentic and purpose driven!

For our next unit, we will be thinking about Data Analysis. Students have had a great deal of experience with this as we have been collecting data as a class all year! I am expecting them do do very well!


We are still working on our non-fiction writing, In case you haven't gotten a chance to really look through the report card, we only have three major writing units throughout the year: narrative, informational, and opinion. The reading logs at home will fluctuate between non-fiction and fiction texts. I am hoping that all of these conversations will help grow their understanding of non-fiction books and how they are put together!

Social Studies

With the conclusion of our investigation into other cultures and Native Americans, we are moving right along into government! This is an extremely exciting time as we are also in election season! I have already heard a great deal from our kids that this is something that is talked about in their homes!

Please know that it is NEVER my intention to influence or sway a decision or belief. However, I am excited to showcase the multiple perspectives that are being honored in our classroom. Please let me know if any of you have questions or concerns as we dive right in!

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Many Thanks!

Thank you again to everyone who helped create those incredible business cards! They were wonderful additions to their project!