Language Arts Loop

Your News For What's Happening in Room 404! - November 17

Reading News

The next two weeks will be a time of review and application for our readers. We will remain in the genre of realistic fiction but will be reviewing all of the skills we have learned in relation to this genre. Some of those include: characterization, character action/motives, summary of text, story elements: character, setting, plot, events, solution. Our readers will zone in on the elements of a good summary and will try writing summaries of chapters from our class read aloud and from their own independent books. Our small groups will also be working on projects related to their book study.

Writing News

This will be a time of review and application for our writers as well. We will review the writing skills and techniques we have learned related to personal narrative writing. Students will try the work of writing to a prompt for the first time this year. This prompt will be chosen by me and students will have to brainstorm an idea that meets the prompt expectations and then craft their narrative. This will be the format that will be followed when we take our STAAR writing test in the spring. We will look deeply into the study of verbs including tenses, regular, irregular, linking and helping verbs. We will also look at adverbs and adverb phrases and the impact they have on our writing.


This week students will look at two new roots: chron, cine/kine. Students will again research the roots and create lists of words that contain each root. They will create a visual representation of the root itself and of each word that contains the root. Students will also have their first quiz over the roots that we have studied thus far. These roots are anti, astro, auto, bi, bio. Students will be allowed to use their grammar notebooks and any notes and/or definitions they have worked on to complete the quiz. The time spent researching the root and meanings of the words is the time spent in learning. When students engage well during this process they are able to transfer their knowledge in new text.

Reminders to Parents

  • November 21 - 9:10 Golden Gator Awards in Cafeteria, Glorious Gator Celebration in the 4th Grade Classrooms for those students who have met the behavioral expectations for the six weeks
  • November 25 - Grandparents' Day Celebration - Thanksgiving Lunch
  • November 26, 27 & 28 - Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

Washington on the Brazos

First of all, I want to praise our students for their exceptional behavior on our field trip to Washington on the Brazos. The students were respectful to all presenters and truly "zoned" into the exhibits, presentations and information shared. We started our trip in the museum where we toured exhibits related to the settlements of Texas, participated in a scavenger hunt of the timeline of Texas history and watched a video on the battle for Texas Independence in the theatre. After a break for lunch, we toured the home of Anson Jones, the fourth and last president of the Republic of Texas. Students got a good glimpse of what life was like by playing traditional games and completing chores. We also learned about the impact of cotton as a financial asset to the farm and what daily life was like for all of those who lived on the farm. As the students move forward in their study of Texas history in Social Studies they will be able to think back on this trip and make connections to the information.