By: Ryan Williams

Background Information

The capital of Grenada is Saint George's . Some other major cities are Grenville, Gouyave, Sauteurs, and Hillsborough. Grenada was controlled by the U.K and it finally gained its independence in 1974. The official language is English and its flag is a rectangle divided diagonally into yellow triangles with a red border and 7 stars.

Geographical Information

Grenada is north of Trinidad Tobago( also an island). Some of the physical features in Grenada are the Sister Islands, Annandale Waterfall, and the Great Ravine River.

Political and Economic Information

The government in Grenada is Parliamentary Democracy and the leader is Keith Mitchell. The currency in Grenada is the East Carribean Dollar. Also the Economic system is capitalist.

Tourist Information

People should visit Grenada because it has sandy beaches like the famous 3 kilometer Grand Anse that appears on many top 10 beaches lists. People also go to dive into the water and see sculptures, coral reefs, and the Bianca C shipwreck. Also people go to Grenada to go on hikes that take you to beautiful waterfalls like the Sevin Sisters waterfall in Grand Etang National Park.