Unit 7

Organizing an Effective Argument

Welcome to Unit 7 Everyone!


Congratulations on completing your Unit 6 project!

With our annotated bibliographies behind us, we are moving into the final phase of writing.

Over the next two weeks, you get to construct your actual argument via a formal academic essay.

Our discussion this week will help you develop a structure for your essay and draft at least one paragraph of your essay. Be sure to think about the requirements for the unit 8 assignment so that you can plan accordingly.

Here's what you need to do this week:

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Important Reminders

Due Dates: All work (even initial discussion posts) is due on Tuesday night at 11:59 PM ET.

Late Policy: Peer responses will not be accepted late. Initial discussion posts, seminar option 2, and assignments can be submitted within two weeks of the original due date.

Seminar PowerPoint:

Addressing the “So What Factor”

When we integrate sources, we want to make sure we interpret them and clearly connect them to our argument for the audience. By addressing the "so what factor," we help audience members understand how the source contributes to our argument.

Treasure’s (2011) point is important because_______.

Although ______ may seem trivial, it is actually important because _______ (Treasure, 2011).

Ultimately, Treasure (2011) wants viewers to understand _________ is at stake if ________.

Treasure’s (2011) idea of ______ can be applied to ________.

Seminar Exercise:

Kurtis Clements

Paragraphing With PIE by Kurtis Clements

Self-compassion skill: Dealing with Setbacks

Sometimes external circumstances get in the way of school performance.

How do you treat yourself when this happens? Do you judge yourself harshly or blame yourself for not getting everything done?

What if it was your spouse or another loved one that had the same issue?

How would you help them get back on their feet after a major or minor setback?

Allow yourself to pay attention to your typical response and then try offering the response you would give to your dearest friend. What can you do to get back on your feet again?

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