Ryan Collins

A Colonial Town Crier

My Life as a Colonial Person

Ryan -A Town Crier

Hello, my name is Ryan Collins and I am a town crier and I am 17 years old. The time of season is fall it’s starting to get cold I’m freezing so I needed to get a coat soon. I am sleeping on a straw mattress and my back is aching.

While I was a town crier I would shout out the news for my town. Since I am a town crier I provide a service because I don’t give people an item I give them news. I learned my job because I usually knew how to read and write so I wrote news I heard and told my town people.

The tools I would use are a piece of paper for words I told and a bell for silence to tell the news. I am related to William Van Benthuysen and he is a colonial carpenter and he is 40 years old. I am friends with Emmanuel Johnson and he is a shopkeeper and he is 35 years old. I am also friends with Aryan Sanders and he is and he is a colonial student.

I am friends to Fatima Johnson and she is an apothecary. I am friends with Ryan Livingston.

We would eat a bunch of corn, pumpkin, squash, and we would put maple sap on our food to make it sweet.

The tool I would use were a parchment for words and a bell or drum for silence to tell the news.


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Town Crier Tool Bell

This is a bell it is used to call silence.