Quitters Inc

By: Erin Flaherty

sample of the book

Another thriller of Steven Kings wonderful stories but about cigarettes. When this guy decides to check out a place to help him quit smoking, quested by his friend; Jimmy McCann. When he went he didn't want to quit but he did at the same time. He met a strange man, Vic Donatti, who was to help him. Him threatened Morrison(the guy who is trying to quit smoking) that if he take a drag of a cigarette Donatti will shock his wife. Morrison took three drags not knowing that Donatti will actually do it.

Plot ine

  • Exposition: Morrison with his normal life and smoking like usual.
  • Rising action: He bumps into his old friend and signs up for quitters inc.
  • Climax: He tried to sneak a drag of a cigarette and his wife gets shocked.
  • Falling action: Morrison and his wife goes and meets up with his old friend and his wife and his friends wife's figure is cut off.
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Major conflict

The main conflict is Morrison trying to quit smoking but he is going threw his nightmare. He is going threw a really hard time trying to quit but he wants a drag really badly. It means a lot to him because he's making his health better and if he takes a drag of a cigarette his wife with get shocked.
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The theme is to get people to stop smoking and it shows how hard it feels to quit. They use weird ways to show it like when they put his wife in the rabbit cage and shocked her; used to show you're hurting people around you with out even knowing it.