Wayland Union Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Monday, October 10, 2022

The Wayland Union School Board met on Monday, October 10, 2022, at Wayland Union Middle School for their regular meeting.

Consent Agenda

All consent agenda items were approved.


Report on the Annual Audit
  • The districts accounting firm, Plante Moran, gave a report on the district's recent audit. See website for the full report.

Wayland Middle School Building Report

  • Middle School Principal, Carolyn Whyte, began by thanking the Middle School staff members who were able to attend the meeting. Cassie Peereboom discussed the peer-to-peer program, which allows general education students to model positive behaviors and to support students within the special education program. Student Council members also introduced their program and shared with the board what their goals are for the year, which includes making lunch time more enjoyable, hosting several drives throughout the year, running concessions for the middle school sport teams, and hosting several after school events. Whyte ended her report by sharing that the culture of the school has greatly improved, so far there have been 40 less discipline referrals for minor infractions this year in comparison to this time last year, with more students being present in the building. Plus, over a quarter of the students are participating in extra curricular activities.

Governance Team Good News

  • Becky Hohnke stated that she is excited to see that the peer-to-peer program is still present in the Middle School, it's very encouraging to see the support coming from the students. Janel Hott shared that it was exciting to present some staff members with the Wayland Union Education Foundation grants on Friday, October 7th, and it was really positive to see their excitement and to hear about how the money will positively impact their student's education. Peter Zondervan expressed his excitement for the board to attend a conference next week.

Committee Meeting Report

  • Peter Zondervan claimed that most of the items they discussed in the Facilities and Finance Committee Meeting are now coming to an end. Projects are still coming along despite supply change issues.

Policy Meeting Report
  • Peter Zondervan mentions wording was changed for some of the policies to meet legal changes and to align with actions that the district already takes.

Student Board Members Report

  • Senior student board representatives, Summer Morrison, and Junior student board representatives, Ava Makowski, highlighted the past events held for Homecoming week, which included 60% participation from the student body, a record high. The student representatives also highlighted different club events being held this fall, including Hallowed Halls and the NHS new member induction ceremony. Fall sports are also coming to an end, all teams performed in very impressive manners.

Public Comment

  • Public comment made by Jenny Ward, to thank the district for investing so much into the CCA program.

Administration Reports

Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations
  • Pat Velie gave budget versus actual report for October 10, 2022. The transportation department also received 100% pass rate for the buses. The district is still looking for guaranteed subs and bus drivers. The district is up 60 students from student count.

Casino Revenue Sharing Report for 2021-2022

  • Pat Velie stated the districts appreciation for receiving 1.9 million from the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish-Band of Pottawatomi Indians last year, especially when 1.5 million was what was budgeted for. See full report on website.

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

  • Teresa Fulk discussed teachers having a PD training day on October 10, 2022. She thanked staff members for going above and beyond to apply for the Wayland Union Education Foundation grants. Also highlighted that the Middle School has 2 robotics teams this year, and Odyssey of the Mind teams for the upcoming year are starting to form now.

98c Plan Report

  • Teresa Fulk explained that the 98c Plan is a one time grant to focus on addressing learning loss. Attached to this grant is a write up that explains what the district has implemented to ensure all guidelines are being followed.


  • Tim Reeves wants to reengage the board in discussing the bond issues for the May election. He has a meeting with Digitrace to discuss the possibility of increasing student engagement with technology. He finished with a statement that he is looking forward to next weeks conference.

New Business - Discussion Items

Out of State Field Trip Request for Middle School Choir
  • The cost is expected to be $100 per person, mainly paid for by students with fundraising to offset the cost. The board also believes that the request would utilize charter busses so school bussing schedules wouldn't be impacted.

Summer Tax Resolution

  • Split 50/50

Request for Purchase of Cafeteria Tables for Baker Elementary

  • Last set of tables to be replaced within the district, 3 month waiting period once ordered but the district is on the waiting list to receive the tables.

First reading of Proposed Policy Updates and Changes

  • Reviewed the policy vocabulary changes.

Old Business - Action Items

AAESA Billback Contracts

  • Approved

Board Topics

Norm Taylor is pleased to hear about the success of Capturing Kids Hearts and the increase in student participation.

Becky Hohnke is excited to the attend the conference. She congratulates Pat Velie and team on a successful audit and for passing the bus inspection. Hohnke expresses interest in taking a group picture and is interested in continuing the key communicators meeting.

Janel Hott would like to congratulate Mrs. Velie on having a successful bus inspection. She also gives props to Karyll and Carolyn on being a dynamic duo at the Middle School.

Cinnamon Mellema is excited about the increase of school participation and the decrease of student discipline referrals. She gives thanks to all the staff for participating in Capturing Kids Hearts and for doing it well.

Theresa Dobry would like to thank Pat Velie and Teresa Fulk for their continued work with the audits, inspections, and grants.

Dan Cassini gives props to the transportation department for being so welcoming and is thrilled to see them do so well in their inspection.

Peter Zondervan gives a shout out to Tim Reeves for being present within the community, especially for making an effort to be involved in all buildings within the district.

The meeting adjourned at 8:42pm.

*Please note: This is a summary of the meeting. Official board minutes will be approved at the next regular board meeting on Monday, November 14, 2022 at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Pine Street Elementary.