Digital Citizenship

social media Samara F


What is Cyberbulling ?

Cyberbulling is a form of bulling on the internet it can happin on facebook, twitter, instagram, texting programs and many many more. Bulling usually ocurs at school and can be carried on by the internet this is called cyberbulling. Cyberbulling is very easy for the bully to get away with because they cannot see the other persons imotions so they dont feel as bad about it. Cyberbulling can be much worse than phisical bulling because it can be lead to moving schools and even worse suaside.

Online Saftey

What is online saftey ?

Online saftey is about keeping yourself and others safe online. How can you stay safe. All you have to do is NEVER share your password on any social media sights, also never post photos of you or your friends in there school uniforms or in your school. NEVER share your adress, phone number, school, town you live in or personal infomation on the internet.


What is netique?

To start off netiquette is a mix of two words; net and etiquette. Net is using the internet and etiquette is being a nice, polite, respectiful person. So being this type of person online.