Leadership Meeting


Discussion Points

  • Constructive Feedback (Data Talks and Formatives)
  • Guided Reading (Loss time due to Writing
  • Assessments- too many and setup concerns
  • Leveled Library- Group by skill
  • Planning Time
  • Student Burn Out- too many assessments

Leadership Solutions

During our meeting we discussed the following action items as solutions to concerns discussed by leadership.

  • Grade Level chairs have discussion with team about administration's perspective on feedback. Feedback is for growth and "not a I gotcha". Receiving a level two is not reviewed as the teacher is not effective, it means that the teacher is developing in that area. There are so many new initiatives and implementation of new instructional strategies that both veterans and new teachers are learning and growing. Oakley Elementary is a school that is being recognized for the shift in providing a rigorous learning environment, so lets continue to work hard!

  • Working on building a collective ownership of student achievement. We are one team who have to work together to increase student achievement.

  • Administration working on providing more coaching and modeling opportunities to support teachers.

  • Teachers being comfortable with providing administration feedback on if the support that was provided was beneficial and helpful. Administration needs feedback as well in order for us to continue and grow as instructional leaders.

  • Curriculum team providing support with completion of assessments and checking in on teachers . Teachers providing the curriculum team with feedback if they need help.

  • Administration conducting another discipline assembly to establish clear expectations and reinforce the rules.
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Constructive Feedback

During Leadership, we discussed feedback and its importance. As a team we recognized that feedback is often taken in a negative manner due to ratings. However, as we work together to improve our school, we have to realize that feedback is meant to help us grow and not meant to break our passion. As a leadership team, let work together to build a feedback rich culture at Oakley Elementary. Below you will find two quick articles that I am requesting everyone to read before our next meeting. Please be prepared to share your reflections on the articles.

Building a Culture of Rich Feedback


The Gourmet Chef's Guide to Giving Feedback


Next Leadership Meeting

Thursday, March 10th, 1:30pm

7220 Oakley Terrace

Union City, GA