a tour in romania

wonderful tour in romania, culture and relaxetion.

what's in the tour?

you landing in the capital city Bucharest and from there you going right to Brasov. in Brasov you can stay in some very nice hotels. you going to be three days in Brasov, from there, you can get to the dracula castle or to the rasnov castle or jast explore Brasov.

after Brasov you will be going to a little village named Viscri, the village is in the middle of the nowhere and there you can fully relax. the people in the village are very nice and the atmosphere is fantastic. you will be in Visri three days and then you will go to Cluj city where the airport is. you will have one evening in Cluj and you can go to the botanic garden of Cluj or jast walk in the city.

how to get from place to place?

the easiest way to get from place to place is to rent a car in Bucharest, if you don't driving a car you can ride taxies, buses or rains.

the time, location and ages

Sunday, March 1st, 12am to Monday, Nov. 30th, 12am

Bucharest, brasov, viscri, Romania

its a week tour and you can go to it in any part of the year except the winter. the tour is for ages five and up.

for details call: 099-443-5674

or email: romeniantours@gmail.com