1st Grade Distance Learning

May 26 - 29

Distance Learning:

  • Have a way to communicate with your child's teacher. (Remind and SeeSaw)
  • Determine a schedule and plan that works for you and your family
  • As you work, complete the weekly check-off sheet. Send a Remind text that you completed the check-off sheet by the end of the week.


  • Respond to daily question on Remind

As always your child's teacher will be available for support! We are working together as a team to ensure your child gets the best education possible under the current circumstance.

Thank you,

First Grade Team


Math Pages/Practice:

1. A Shape is Just a Shape Worksheet

2. Marshmallow 3D Shapes Worksheet (and build marshmallow designs--do not eat!)

3. Get wet with math! Fill many different containers with water to compare how much they hold. Do Capacity Comparison Worksheet.

4. Count to 162. That's how many days of school we've had this year (including distance learning)!


Introduce and Learn:


* If this link does not open the collection, look for your teacher to have assigned it to you.


* If this link does not open the collection, look for your teacher to have assigned it to you.

Reading Pages:

1. A Camping We Will Go Poem (and ABC nature walk)

2. Owls at Night worksheet (and read in a homemade tent with a flashlight)

3. Scholastic News--Do Pigs Wear Sunscreen? (and read outside on a towel)

4. End of Year Cheer Poem

Independent Reading

Please continue to document your reading on the monthly home reading log. This can include any books your teacher chooses for you on Benchmark (accessed through Clever qr code) or https://www.kidsa-z.com or books from home.


Writing Pages:

1. Memories (This is My School)

2. Memories (This is My Teacher)

3. Memories (Fun Facts)

4. Memories (What I Loved Most)

Independent Writing

Write a list, letter, or journal entry

Art: I can make art to observe the outdoors.

Do a camp craft such as: toilet tube binoculars, bark rubbings, or rock painting.

Science: I can make observations of my plant.

Any Questions Contact:

Sherry Miller: sherry.miller@myprowler.org

Margaret Miller: margaret.miller@myprowler.org

Phy Ed: See link for optional activities.

Music: I can create a parody song.

Introduce and Learn:

This week we will be creating a parody song! A parody song is a familiar melody with different words. Here is an example using pop songs to learn how long to wash your hands.

Washing Hands Parody

Pick a simple song that you like or you may use one of the following as your melody.

Hot Cross Buns

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Row, Row, Row your Boat

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Now get out some paper and create different words for the songs. One idea is to make a song about washing your hands.

Write the title of the song on the paper.

We would love to see it when you’re done!

For Questions Contact:

Ken Wiggs: ken.wiggs@myprowler.org

Beth Heikkila: beth.heikkila@myprowler.org

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