Tokyo Japan

Caden Martinez

Getting There

Tokyo is on the island of japan. Alot of the games we play are made in japan also there alot of smart people. I am getting there by 2 planes the first one leaves Denver Colorado at 1:02 pm then we stop in salt lake city in Utah. Then we go straight to Tokyo.

Where to Stay

i am going to stay at the peninsula Hotel in Tokyo japan

its a 5 star hotel the has a ton of great food and amazing rooms. Also the hotel is only 15 minutes away from the airport.


When i get there i am going to visit a ton of places because i have alot of extra money to by suverners for my family who couldn't make it. Also i want to see some of the sports.


one problem i might have is switching from dolor to euros the way i could fix that by using a credit card. The other ones in Tokyo they speak a different language so i plan to take some class to learn how to speak Japanese.


in conclusion thats my dream vaction to tokyo japan. Also thats every thing i will do.

About the Traveler

I am 12 years old and i like hunting,fishing,swimming and playing sports. Also i was born in Denver Colorado and i live in Westminster.


The history of Tokyo stretches back 400 years. going through aton of name changes and new leaders