BHMS Weekly Paws Pamphlet

October 21, 2019- October 25, 2019

Reengaging the Village

At BHMS we have decided to exhibit CPRS: Consistent, Pride, Respectful, and Supportive. In order for this to occur, we must remember that our focus and goal is on doing what is best for our students. If we are putting our students first and remaining professional then the village is one that will thrive and be prosperous. I challenge each of you this year to commit to providing the instruction in your classroom that you would like for your own child (or niece/nephew) to receive. Let's commit to reengaging the village and motivating our students to learn.


Please remember to accurately take student attendance in each class period. It is vital that we know which students are in our building each day.

When signing a hall pass in the agenda for students, please make sure that they have properly filled out the hall pass stating their destination. Students must have a hall pass to leave your class room. ***Blank copies of the hall pass can be found in the work room.

Please continue to use the Ipad located in the office suite to sign-in and out each day. If for some reason the Ipad does not work, please sign in on the paper sign-in sheet on the desk.

Please make sure that you are utilizing Educators Handbook to document both minor and major discipline concerns. The hall monitors should only be utilized to remove students from classrooms when there is a major incident. If a hall monitor is asked to remove a student then the incident should be recorded as a major incident in Educators Handbook.

Please email any item that you would like to include in the announcements by 8:00 am each morning to Dr. Nash. Email is the most efficient way for getting the announcements read.

Please remember that the expectation is that we have bell-to-bell instruction. There should never be a time in which students have nothing to do in a classroom. Please make sure that you over plan. Our students are not in a position where we can afford to waste a single minute of instructional time. Our achievement scores are the biggest indicator of this. If you need assistance coming up with additional assignments please see your academic coach or an administrator.

Please make sure that you do not cover your classroom windows or office windows. This is a safety hazard.

Now that each homeroom teacher has a class set of books, the expectation is that you establish a SSR period in the morning during home room. As students begin to enter your classroom from breakfast, please have them read. Because this is something new, it will require you staying on students to ensure that it is occurring. Please explain to them the purpose behind the reading and how it will ultimately help them be better readers and thus more successful in their academics.

-All students should utilize their green AR folder when going to the media center.

-Please make sure that you are utilizing the magnet strips in your doorways. The district expectation is that doors are locked and that the magnets are utilized which will allow for easy access to rooms, in the event of an emergency the magnet can be quickly removed and the door is still locked. See Mr. Allen if you need a replacement magnet.

Staff Culture Building and Fellowship---A Feast Fit for A Tiger

The rotation for the weekly staff culture building and fellowship is below. The teams may pick any day during their week to provide food for the entire staff. You may provide breakfast or lunch, it your choice. The school will supply all paper products (plates, cups, forks, napkins). Please notify Dr. Nash in advance of the date that you select during your week and the food items so that I can notify the staff. Please make sure that you coordinate and put your best foot forward on your week, as this is just another way for us to continue to connect with one another and make our school climate inviting. If you opt not to participate on your week, we ask that you do not participate on any other week either... fair is fair.
    1. October 22 (Breakfast from 7:45-8:15)---7th grade
    2. week of October 28---Connections
    3. week of November 4-----6th grade
    4. November 13----PEC dept.will provide breakfast
    5. week of November 18th---8th grade
    6. **We will do something different in December!!!

"AYEE, Aight!!!"

The administrative team has been out and about and has noticed a lot of great things happening in our building. Kudos to the following staff members, we noticed your greatness:

-Ms. McCall for inviting district personnel and community members to help serve in the cafeteria on Wednesday and for purchasing the breakfast cart.

-Mr. Smith for assisting the students with putting together activities for the homecoming week (all student driven) and inviting special guests to the pep rally.

-Ms. Hill for making the class rotation posters.

-Mr. Darling for overseeing the operation of the school store.

-Ms. Braswell and Mrs. Dyson for totally embracing the new district-wide "Preparation for Collaborative Planning" form. They follow the protocols for using the form each week. They make the data entered on their form the source of their conversation during collaborative planning.

-Mr. Allen for frying the delicious fish for the staff!

-Ms. Pinkard for making the standard of "Dividing multi-digit numbers" come to life in her classroom on Friday. The students were engaged and walked away with a deep understanding of the content.

-Ms. Mccall and the entire nutrition staff for earning a 100 Health Score for the BHMS Tiger Corral.

-Ms. Bush for organizing picture day, Ms. Pleas for assisting her and the connections teachers for giving up class time to accommodate us for pictures.

**We know that there are many other staff members who are doing phenomenal things in the classroom and we can't wait to see them.

Intervention Schedule

The intervention schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday-Leader in Me (from Allen)

Tuesday-Reading lesson (from Hefner)

Wednesday- Writing lesson (from Miller)

Thursday- Social Studies lesson (from Duncan)

Friday- Science lesson (from Jacobs)

*Just a reminder that the Math and ELA teachers on each team will only teach their content during the intervention period (Tuesday through Friday). This will give them time to provide remediation and enrichment to their students based on observed needs. All other teachers should follow the above schedule during the intervention period.

Congratulations to the Nutrition Staff on earning a 100 health score!!!

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October Appreciation Days


National Principals’ Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Oct. 21-25 – National School Bus Safety Week

Oct. 22 – Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Oct.24- 9 weeks Awards Ceremony

Oct. 23-31 – Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 24 – Lights On Afterschool

Oct 24--TOTY Awards Ceremony at 6:30

Food for Thought

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