Spreading Gossip

By: Ashante Mitchell


Sequoria was doing a customer's hair when she started talking about some gossip that she seen. She was stating that her friend was had got to fighting with her boyfriend and they were going to get put out.

Decision Making Process

what is the ethical dilemma?

  • the dilemma is that they are gossiping about something that they have nothing to do with

what are the facts of the situation (at least 2)

  • they were in a hair salon
  • they were gossiping

what are the alternatives and consequence (2 for each)

  • she could have took her to the side and told her not doing it in front of all the other customers
  • she should have just waited to tell her if it was just that important
  • the girl she was talking about could have walked in the shop and heard them talking about her
  • someone could have known the girl that they were talking about and told her

Determine a a course of action(what decision would you make)

  • i would have choice just not to tell her at all it causes to much drama and it was not anybody business except the two people that it happen to

why do you think that's the best decision to make?

  • this is the best decision to make because no one was going to get hurt if she would have just told her in a private place