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General Information

Climate- Denmark is near the Arctic Peninsula so the winters are long and harsh; the growing season is short and cold. Although, Denmark, out of the Scandinavian countries has the most moderate climate with an average temperature of thirty-two degrees F.

Geography- Denmark is an island that is mostly hilled with forests surrounding the shore.

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Size- 16,621 miles

Capital City- Copenhagen

Population- 5.60 million

Language Spoken- Danish

Historical Background- The Vikings were the ancestors of the Danes, they were sailors and very warlike.

Form of Government- Constitutional Monarchy

Primary Religion- Protestant Evangelical Lutheranism

Major Industries- Fishing, Farming, and Agricultural Exports like grain and livestock


Beliefs - The Danes are a culture that strives for a society that supports equality, freedom, and democracy. They also have the longest standing monarchy in Europe

Native Costumes- Home-made and spun wool and flax clothing. Mostly described as folksy and colorful.
Holidays- The Danes share the Fourth of July of US, Midsummer's Eve, and Christmas
Interesting Facts- The average Danish host will spend as much as six months salary to pay for a formal party like a wedding or christening.


Common Ingredients- Fish, Grains, Cheese, Pork, Veil, and Fruit
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Typical Dishes- Smorrebrod- an open faced sandwich made with thin sour rye with butter; Aquavit- a clean potent spirit distilled from grain and potatoes; Danish Brie; Frikadeller; Koldebord; Weinerbrod
Characteristics- Danish foods are the richest of Scandinavian cuisine, Danes use butter, cream, cheese, fish, eggs, pork, and chicken in large quantitites.
Preparation Methods- The Danes pickle, dry, and salt their food.
Meal Patterns- Danes eat large breakfasts including yogurt, milk and many dairy products. Bread and butter is eaten for lunch. Dinner consists of roast vegetables, bread, and fruit. Cream and fruit is made for dessert.

Serving Customs- Generally a sit-down meal with close family and friends
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