University of Texas at Austin

Why did i choose this college?

I have always loved the longhorns all my life

About this school

  • Public
  • No religious association
  • 50,950 students (51%female 49%male)

How to Apply

  • Go to texas admissions website and click apply
  • 3.71 gpa required
  • average of 28 ACT and 1873 SAT scores
  • application deadline December 1st, applications accepted each semester
  • 2 essays required for admission

Cost and Support

  • Tuition: $9,830 in state, $34,836 out of state
  • Scholarships include every chance every texan scholarship
  • Room and board: $11,456

Campus Lifestyle

  • I would want to live in the Carothers hall because it is co-ed and there is a sun patio
  • Campus activities include student gov. and a gender\sexuality center
  • I would participate in football because i like playing football

Healthcare related majors

  • The healthcare related majors include Nursing, nutrition, and neuroscience
  • I chose to research a BSN degree
  • A secondary application that includes an additional essay is required to apply
  • Applications are excepted yearly
  • Texas school of nursing is located on campus
  • All basic science, math, english, and science courses are required to earn this degree
  • BSN is a type of bachelors degree
  • In this case, this career does not require any additional schooling

What is it about this college that interests me?

This school interests me because ive grown up a longhorns fan, so this is automatically my dream school. I also like the school of nursing at this college and find it interesting. The fact that it is in state and very cheap to attend is also appealing

What obstacles do I foresee that could make it difficult for me to attend this college?

Admission is very competitive because of the prestige of the school. I would have to work very hard if I wanted to be accepted into such a school. Also, room and board are very expensive and would be hard to pay for.

After doing research on this college, am i more or less interested in attending here?

I am more interested, because of seeing all the high scores and requirements, it makes me motivated to try to get into such a great school