Marcus HS Library Weekly Update

Ms. McGinnis and Ms. Virant

September 28 - October 2, 2020


Keeping it short and sweet with this weekly update…

First of all we’re so happy to see so many of you checking out books and computers.

September 15th to October 15th is National Hispanic Heritage month!! Listed below are books written by Hispanic authors that can be found in our library or in Sora.

Happy reading!

This is also Banned Books week and the link to the American Library Association is posted below for further information. Bringing awareness.

I have also included some new coloring pages for October that you can print and color. Coloring is a great stress reliever before midterms. Enjoy!

Reminder that in order to print this school year, the item needs to be in your LISD Google Drive and you will need to share the document with either of the following email addresses and we’ll be glad to print it for you:

BTW the mints are back...socially distanced for you to pick one and go.

Have a wonderful week!!

Ms. McGinnis

Marcus HS Library Media Specialist

Ms. Virant

Marcus HS Library Aide

New Printing Procedures

Trying to Print?

The document must be in your LISD school Google Drive.

You will need to share the

document with one of the following email addresses:


Thank you.

September 21 - September 25, 2020

Happy Fall Y’all!!

This week's newsletter is a combination of fun and academics trying to share new and exciting information.

Canva is a graphic design platform that is free when you use your LISD email as a login. They have exciting templates for bookmarks that you can print on your own. You can color some or just print an image that inspires you. I will be providing you with the link below. Feel free to explore in Canva for all the other items it offers.

If you are college bound, then the standardized tests will be on your schedule this fall. Below you will find where you can access SAT, ACT, AP, and TSI test prep on our library media center website.

There is a fun online quiz regarding library trivia along with another website with more interesting library facts.

Sharing another book trailer of a book available in the MHS library for you to enjoy.

Remember that we are here for you guys in the library media center whatever your needs may be. We are here to help you!!

Take care,

Ms. McGinnis

Marcus HS Library Media Specialist

Ms. Virant

Marcus HS Library Aide

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Graphic design platform for personalized bookmarks and so much more!!

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Want to get ready for the SAT, ACT and many other tests...access Ebsco Learning Express practice tools.

SAT, ACT, AP and TSI Test Prep

With this database application you can test prep or explore your career interests, valuable planning information for success during and after high school.

1- Go to the MHS Library Media Center website

2- Click on on Online Resources

3- Click on Learning Hub/Class Links

4- Click on Mackin

5- Click on Databases

6- Click on Ebsco Learning Express

7- Register to create a login. Use your LISD email address and password to create an account.

8- Click on the High School Library (PrepStep)

9-Click on Prepare for College to get a list of ACT, SAT PSAT, and AP practice information.

10-Click on TSI and STAAR Test Preparation for information on those tests.

11- Click on the Career Exploration and see what might be a good future path for you!

Ultimate Library Trivia Quiz

Test your library and history knowledge. Click the purple button or the link below to take you to the website to take the quiz.

American Library Association (ALA) Library Trivia

Click the purple button or the link below to take you to the website.

Renegades by Marissa Meyer Book Trailer

Click the purple button to see the trailer. Click the picture to take you to Destiny to check out the book.

September 14 - September 18, 2020


Hope that everyone has adjusted to in-person learning or perhaps you have now just settled into your virtual learning. The halls, classrooms and especially the library media center are happy to have some of the students back.

We have already had some classes in the library media center. They have come for book talks using trailer videos, orientations on ebooks through SORA and introducing the databases on Mackin. I will share some screenshots from Destiny Discover to help familiarize you with this application.

Below find some links that we’re sharing from our website as reminders of Digital Citizenship and Copyright requirements that are important LISD guidelines to know as you start this fall semester writing papers and working on computers or iPads.

I have added another Superhero book trailer for a book you can find as a hard copy in the library (Destiny) or online as an ebook (Sora).

Now that we are back up and running with our new normal, if you have any library books from last year, please return them or renew them. You can drop them off at the front office if you are still virtual or you can drop them off in the library when you walk by on your way to class. If you would like to renew your books, just stop by and we will take care of that for you.

Also sharing more interesting facts about library media centers, plus some silly stats from our own library media center.

Hope all is going well. It is really good to see you guys!!

Ms. McGinnis

Marcus HS Library Media Specialist

Ms. Virant

Marcus HS Library Aide

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Digital Citizenship

Be Cyber safe and respectful.

Wonder Woman by Leigh Warbringer

Click on the book cover picture or purple button to watch the book trailer. This book is in hard copy in our library or online in Sora.

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Please return or renew your library books from last year. Thank you.

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September 8 - September 11, 2020

WELCOME BACK in person!

The majority of the students are in person now, with only a few of you being virtual depending on how you decided to come to school this nine weeks.

No matter what you chose, we are here to help with your library, media center or technical application needs.

Curbside check out is still available. Click on the picture below to let us know what you would like to check out.

This week's update will also include directions on how to access and use Mackin Educational Resources (MackinVIA).

Another book trailer that you can listen to from a book found in Destiny Discover or Sora.

Some library facts that I found interesting and maybe you will too.

The library looks different now with COVID restrictions. Please read all of our signs and ask when you need help or have a question.

It’s so great to see you all again -- even with masks. Please remember masks are required in the library.

Stay safe,

Ms. McGinnis

Marcus HS Library Media Specialist

Ms. Virant

Marcus HS Library Aide

Mackin Student Tutorials

These are prepared by Mackin and available on their website. Click the purple button to take you there.

Library Interesting Facts

Click here to go to the "I Love Libraries" website for more interesting facts.

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LISD Level Orange Defined

Click the purple button to link you the LISD website.

Marcus HS Library Media Center

Click the purple button to go to the website.

Learning Hub (ClassLinks) takes you to MackinVIA

Click the purple button for a new one access point for all Marcus HS online library resources!! Login to the Learning Hub (ClassLinks) and go to MackinVia or find the MackinVia tab in your Canvas

Marcus HS Library Media Center

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Ms. Virant - Library Aide