2 Boys Missing

Where could Sawyer and Finn be?

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Disapperance Wracks St. Petersburg

The last anyone saw of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn was on Sunday, June 10th. "The boys were playing in the schoolyard," reported classmate Becky Thatcher. "They're not bad boys, they just like to do their own things. Sometimes their imaginations get the better of them," said the school master. The only clues to their whereabouts come from Sid, Sawyer's younger half-brother, who saw them walk off after dinner Sunday night.

Trial Time for Murderer Potter

Muff Potter on Trial for Murder of Doctor Robinson

Although nobody knows the events of that fateful night, soon all of St. Petersburg will get the real story from the murderer himself. Muff Potter will appear in court on Wednesday. It's reported that Injun Joe may even testify as he was also present at the time of Doctor Robinson's murder in the graveyard last month. Could the boys disappearance and the murder be related?
Tom and Huck - Tom is threatened by Injun Joe