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BT coder system is a new binary options signal software. The developer of the software is Sherman Choo. Sherman tells us that all traders have to do is take action to place the trade when it is sent without any analysis or extra requirements.

The BT coder system works by providing audible signals in meta-trader 4. The software will indicate to traders whether the market is going to move up or down over the next hour. With this type of strategy you could use it for binary options and set hourly expires if you felt the software is providing enough return for you. Sherman claims there are plenty of opportunities every day and since it only takes a few minutes to check in place a trade that it doesn’t take much of the trader’s time.

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BINARY OPTIONS the name sounds like it's something complex. But this is the most straightforward type of financial trading you'll find.

Binary options are similar to fixed odd betting. If you place a bet on a horse and it wins by a huge margin, you won't get paid any more money.

And it's similar with binary options. You are betting on an event happening or not happening, that GBP/USD goes UP in the next hour for example. So if it goes up 1 point or 1001 points higher the winning bet still pays the same and the losing bet will still lose the same.

  • If your prediction is correct you win the odds multiplied by your stake.
  • If you lose the bet, then you just lose your stake.
  • The easiest way to predict these price movements is by using simple candlestick charts.
  • A red candlestick means the price went down.
  • A green candlestick means the price went up.

Using the BT coder system, the odds are stacked firmly in your favor – based on independently audited results, you can expect to win at least 60% of the time (or 63.56% to be precise) which is more than enough for you to grow your capital.

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  • You don’t need any previous trading experience.
  • You don’t need to analyse complex charts or use complicated software.
  • You don’t have to be glued to your screen for hours on end or stress over unknown losses.
  • Just go to your computer, check a simple chart and make your trade. Always at times that's convenient for you.
  • Regain the sense of excitement that Forex trading promises but fails to deliver owing to the complexity and stress of day trading.
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At any time, you go online and wait for an audible signal from the BT Coder System. This signal will simply indicate whether an FX market is likely to move UP or DOWN over the next hour.

If it appears, you enter a trade. It’s very simple and quick - taking just a few minutes.

If the signal isn’t there, you simply walk away and come back later in the day when you can. There are plenty of opportunities each and every day.

As you’ve seen, even at a modest $2 a point, you could have made $1,408 with just the ‘set and forget’ scalp trades in just 3 months.
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