Visual Merchandiser

By Ally Malone Group C

What is Visual Merchandising?

Visual Merchandising is the use of sales displays and retail floor plans to attract customers and boost sales as a result. In Visual Merchandising the products are displayed in a way to attract customers from the target market by outlining the products strongest features/uses

What is the role of a Visual Merchandiser?

A Visual Merchandiser, also known as window dresser uses their design skills to help promote the image, products and services of an organisation. They create eye-catching product displays, they also design store layouts to attract customers and encourage them to buy products or services provided by the organisation

Examples of what I view as good Visual Merchandising

Day-to-day responsiblities of a Visual Merchandiser:

  • Producing design ideas for displays and developing floor plans

  • Creating special displays to promote a specific product or offer

  • Deciding how to use space and lighting creatively

  • Making the best use of a store’s space and layout

  • Setting up displays, dressing dummies and arranging screens, fabric and posters

  • Making sure that prices and other essential details of the product are seen in the display

  • Taking down old displays

Senior Visual Merchandisers are responsible for planning the store display for a year, creating visual plans and buying the appropriate props, equipment etc

What qualities/skills do good VMs hold?

  • Creative/imaginative
  • High attention to detail
  • Good IT knowledge
  • Skilled with drawing
  • Good team worker
  • Good written and spoken communication
  • Up to date with trends
  • Skilled at designing

What qualifications do most VMs have?

There are two paths most Visual Merchandisers take to get to the role. The more common is getting a bachelor's degree related to retail or merchandising.

The less common method is to work your way up from a more junior merchandising role until they become a VM

What are the salaries of VMs like?

Starting salaries of a VM range between £12,000 and £16,000

Senior VMs can earn around £20,000 to £25,000 yearly

VM managers and designers can earn anywhere between £25,000 - £55,000 a year

VM directors can earn over £60,000