The Truth about Folic Acid

Daniela Page Sander & Deja Newton

It's good for you!

Folic Acid, or B9 as some call it, is a vitamin that most Americans lack though it's benefits are numerous! Vitamin B9
  • Helps form your blood cells
  • Ensures proper cell growth in pregnancy
  • Ensures normal metabolism of the immune system
  • Helps with psychological functions
  • Protects against some forms of cancer
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Reduces birth defects
  • Reduces depression

Not enough B9 is dangerous

Deficiency of Folic Acid can lead to
  • Anemia(low blood cell count)
  • Birth Defects
  • Higher risks for cancer
  • Higher risks for stress related disorders
Symptoms like stress and frequent fatigue can occur just after a few weeks of not getting enough Vitamin B9.

Some supportive sources

So go out and get some Folic Acid!

The top 4 foods containing B9 are




and Asparagus