March and Early April 2014


After learning about French cafés (food and drinks typically available, how to order, how to describe food, how to get the check), the students created their own café. They paired up and played the roles of client and server. If they wanted anything to eat or drink, they had to order it in French. After this activity, I asked them if they felt that they could go to Paris for their junior year (of college) and not die of hunger or dehydration. They resoundingly replied: OUI!

Many thanks to all of the family members who helped with shopping and cooking (and cleaning?). Without you, we could not have brought this little piece of Paris to Lenape.

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When you're turning five on the same day as your big sister's café day, then café day can also be a birthday party! (And your big sister can teach you how to order in a French café.)


On the first of April, kids in France attach paper fish to the back of their friends as a prank.

The verb "aller"

The verb "aller" means "to go," and can be used to talk about:

1) How things are going

2) Where you are going

3) What you are going to do

Because it's an irregular verb, of course, we have to have a song for it!

Le Verbe Aller (une chanson)/ The Verb Aller (a song)


The French One students will have a core speaking assessment on Thursday, 4/10/13.

The French Two students will have a double quiz on Chapter Six, lessons one and two, next week, on Wednesday, 4/16/14.