December K-2 Newsletter

Parent Resources & Keynote Highlight

Instructional Technology Parent Nights

The district will host three Instructional Technology Parent Nights in January/February to help families to better understand the role technology is playing in their child's educational experience. We will provide parents with more information regarding the platforms we are using (Seesaw and Schoology) as well as how we are equipping students with future-ready skills as a result of purposeful technology integration.


  • January 15 (FMS)
  • January 31 (PMS)
  • February 6 (SMS)

Each date will have a K-2 session (6:00-7:00pm) and a 3-5 session (7:15-8:15pm) to tailor the session to the different grade level bands.

How will this be communicated with families?

  • Dr. Florio will share the flyer with families
  • Principals will continue to share the flyer in their weekly communication
  • Jen Neill (Communications) will post on district Facebook page
  • WE NEED YOU! Please share the attached flyer in your family communication to continue to spread the word!

If you are interested in helping with the event, please email Jenni Southmayd (
Instructional Technology Parent Night Flyer

Please click here to view the PDF and share with families!

Tech Tip of the Month: Keynote Templates

Provide students with templates that they can manipulate to demonstrate their understanding using Keynote! The video below walks you through how to create the template with text boxes, images, drawing, and audio recordings, as well as exporting and posting to Seesaw.

Integration Ideas for Students:

  • Sequences--Life Cycle of a Butterfly or Frog
  • Weather Sort--types of clothing items to fit each season
  • Word Sorts
  • Take photos of a science investigation or process and put the photos onto slides and record students explaining what's happening.
  • Sentence Building--provide words and have students build a sentence and add punctuation
  • Edit & Revise--Provide students with a paragraph and have them use the draw tool to make revisions and explain their revisions
  • Solve math word problems with bar models or shapes
  • Sort images/text into a venn diagram to compare and contrast texts or topics.

Watch the screen recording below to see how to create a Keynote presentation!

Teacher iPad Expectations


  • K-2 teachers, EL, Gifted, LS, and Reading Specialists are expected to complete Apple Teacher by the end of the 2nd Trimester (March 6th).

  • The WHY: The Apple Teacher Program provides teachers with professional development in navigating and using the device instructionally. Teachers may submit their hours for flex time.

When you complete the program:

Want to complete the program with your peers? Consider attending a drop-in session at Spellman's Training Room between 3:45-5:00pm on the following dates:

  • January 10
  • January 22
WCASD Teacher iPad Expectations

Please click here for more information regarding the district expectations.

60 Minutes Episode: Groundbreaking study examines effects of screen time on kids

Click the link below to read about a new study that aims to investigate the impact of screens on child development. The article summarizes the 60 Minutes episode that aired on December 9, 2018. When discussing the use of technology, Jean Twenge, one of the lead researchers, writes, "But you have to use it for what it's good for and then put it down. I mean, it should be a tool that you use. Not a tool that uses you."

2018-2019 Seesaw Expectations

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