I Love Volleyball

Volleyball Clothes

In volleyball the rules for the clothes are that you should have no jewelry or wrist jewelry. The correct clothes are shorts and T-shirts. You tuck the team shirt in your shorts. You have to wear tennis shoes for the game. Do not wear dress shoes to the game. Wear your knee pads for your knees so you do not scrape your knees. If you do not want to get hot, then put your hair up in a ponytail. Do not put on fake nails and do not wear flip flops to the game.

Volleyball Moves

One on the other team will put the ball into play by a serve. The first serve of the macth is determined by the volleyball. The server must serve the ball from behind the end of the line by using an underhand or an overhand serve. When the receiving team returns the volleyball successfully, and if the other team wins a point and they get the ball and has the right to serve by rotating players by one position in a clock wise manner. Each team has their opportunities to hit the ball and return the ball to the other team. But, no single player can hit the ball twice in a row.

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1 " If the ball makes contact on a serve, it is ruled a dead ball and side out is awarded to the opposing team." 2 If the ball makes contact and rebounds back to the team that played the ball, it is ruled,"in-play" up to three hits. 3 If the ball contacts and makes it over the net and remains in-bounds, then it is a dead ball. 4 If the ball makes contact and goes over the net and it proceeds out-of-bounds, it is ruled a "side-out."