Harris Newsletter Edition 3

Alyssa, Emma, Amanda, Abbey, Cherish, and Brooklyn

Book Talk- SMILE by Raina Telgemeier

This book that I am going to talk about is SMILE.The book is about a girl who falls and then gets one tooth pushed into her gum and the other one knocked out. She has to get braces and she does not like it. She goes through lots of things and when it comes to college she has nice friends.The girl thinks that her friends will laugh at her because of her braces.Will her friends laugh at her because of her braces or not?

Staff of the Week- Miss Hennagir

Hayley is a paraprofessional. That means she helps around the class or helps kids in need. Now let's get on to the questions.

Me: Why did you want to become a para?

Miss H: I fell in love with this job because of the kids! My job allows me to work one on one with amazing students, which means I am able to get to know them very well.

Me: If you were stuck on a island with one thing or person, what or who would that be?

Miss H:I would be stuck on an island with my sister. My sister is my best friend and she has a great amount of determination that I’m sure we would be able to survive. :)

Me: What is your favorite color?

Miss H: My favorite color is pink!!

Me: What is your favorite food?

Miss H: My favorite food would be Quesadillas.

Me: Who is your favorite singer?

Miss H: Anyone who sings country music.

Me:What is your favorite animal?

Miss H: Dogs

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This is an intense high, this is P.B.I.S in Mrs. Harris’s class. P.B.I.S is where we earn tokens for being caring, appropriate, ready, and safe. As I was saying in sentence one we had minute-to-win-it which is a lot of 1 minute games. Want to hear some more? We’ve earned electronic day, p.j day, and getting a fish (his name is Angel) and as you know minute-to-win-it. Our current goal is 350 tokens for our principal to teach us for 30 min. Isn't that cool? In January we also had a skating party but that was for the whole school. These are some pics.

Science Happenings

Makey Makeys are really cool to play with! They can turn ordinary things into a computer keyboard, a piano, or a cool game controller. You can connect the Makey Makeys (using alligator clips) to things like tinfoil, bananas, carrots, potatoes, and pencil lead and many other things. Makey Makeys come with alligator clips, a USB port, wires, and the Makey Makey board, everything you need to make it work! You should try the Makey Makeys some time.

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MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone

Why do people have to argue about why dogs are better than cats?

Well, some people like cats,dogs,and some don’t. Don’t you think that is odd? I think they should be liked the same amount. I like both of them, there are two cats and one dog in my house, and they get along well. What do you think? Let me hear your VOTE!