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Printing Emails - 4/9/13

Many of us are conditioned on Macs to go to File > Print when we want to print something. These days more and more applications both locally and web-based are offering printing options directly within the confines of that application.

In Outlook going to File > Print will print that window.....but not well. In fact, most of the time it will only print the first page, which is fine with short emails. But it can quickly waste a huge amount of paper and ink, and in the end we should limit our printing of emails as much as possible, Be Green Read on the Screen. However, sometimes you got to print it. So here goes!
Double click to open the email you want to print in a separate window. Look for the Printer symbol.
A new window will pop up without a toolbar and wait for it.... the printer dialogue box will open too. From here make sure you check where you are printing in the drop down menu next to Printer, and then click print. Voila Done!
After your email has printed, make sure you get your email off the printer. Then you can close the print window and the original message window by clicking the Red Light on both. This will bring you back to your mail Mailbox in Outlook.