9/11: The significant date

AJ Mathieu


On September 11, 2001, The twin towers were struck and taken down by hijacked planes. The ones responsible for hijacking the planes was a terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. Four planes were hijacked and flew to different locations. Two of them went to the world trade center, another plane went to the pentagon, and the last plane crash in an open field. 2,996 was killed that day.

Media Portral

The media has explained the event as one of the most tragic days in American history. There was 19 Islamic terrorists hijacking 4 planes and crashing into the world trade center, and the pentagon. On the fourth plane, the passengers attacked the hijackers so the plane crashed in an open field in Pennsylvanian. The Destination of the fourth plane is unknown, but many people believe it was on the to the white house.
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Cultural Critism

After the event, most Americans put the blame on all Muslims. Airport security has greatly increased and they introduced "random searches." Racial profiling has greatly increased. Children in school has been bullied because they wear a turban, or they practice their Islamic faith in school.

Biases by Government/Media/People

America was pretty one sided during the 9/11 investigation. We put the blame on the middle east Islamic extremists, Creating a racial profile towards middle eastern people in America.
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After researching this topic. I believe it was a terrorist group responsible for that day. I strongly disagree with conspiracy theorists saying that the government was responsible for the attack. To me the evidence is there that the planes were hijacked and crashed.
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