Humberto Guevara

Things You Probably didn't know about Humberto

Humberto's extreme fear is Spiders.

His favorite T-Shirt is white, and black with a seven on the back of it. It is his favorite because it is his favorite soccer players jersey.

In 20 years he wants to be practicing soccer.

He likes pop music and Lil Wayne, and his favorite song is About A Week Ago by Bobby Shmurda.

His favorite book genre is Non Fiction because it has interesting information, and his favorite author is Dr. Seuss.

If Huberto could be anything or anyone for a day he would be a pro soccer player because it is his favorite sport.

He would help the homeless because they don't have homes, water, or food.

If he had 3 wishes they would be beat his favorite soccer player in a soccer game, have a credit card that never runs out of money, and be a pro soccer player.

If he could do absolutely anything he wanted he would go into the White House.

His favorite TV Show/Movie is Ride Along because it is very funny, and his favorite actor is Kevin Hart.

If he could travel anywhere in the world he would go to Madagascar because it is a interesting place.

After he graduates he wants to live in Las Vegas because it is very cool place.

He likes to go out to eat at China Wok because he really likes the food they have there.

If he could meet anyone he would want to meet Abraham Lincoln because he was the President, and what he would say to him is "You will be famous is the future."