Grade 2J Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 9 Summer Term: 30th May - 3rd June 2016

Zoo Trip 25th-26th August 2016

Thank you to all parents who attended the zoo trip briefing on Tuesday morning. All details, along with the sign up document, are on the VLE. Please sign in and register your child for the trip. All payments are due by Friday 10th June. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher if you have any questions.

Zoo Trip FAQs

1. What is the ratio children to adults? 7:1. We expect all 66 students on this trip with 5 teachers from SJIIES. The zoo provides 1 facilitator for every 20 students and 1 camp mistress who is first aid-trained. This would see 1 adult available to every 7 students.

2. Who are the supervisors? The camp supervisors have received clearance and are deemed suitable by the Singapore Zoo to supervise children. They have supervised many other International schools visiting the Zoo.

3. Will there always be an SJI teacher with my child? Yes, each teacher from our school will be responsible for a group. Zoo providers will not supervise our students without our staff present.

4. My child has special dietary needs – will they be catered for? If they have special dietary needs eg vegetarian food, special arrangements can be made to meet their needs. Please do note down all medical and dietary needs on the forms provided in your parent pack.

5. How secure will the students and staff be from the public in the evening? The zoo is closed and gated from the public in the evening. There are 24hour security guards at the one and only main gate. No one can enter or leave the zoo except via this gate.

6. How far away are the tents from the water? From the tents to the water is approximately 30meters. There is a metal pole barrier surrounding the area that is close to the water. The barrier is about 0.9m high.

7. What if my child can’t attend? The expedition is part of the school curriculum and all children are expected to attend. Permission not to participate must be granted from the Principal. Families seeking exemption must do so in writing.

8. Will my child be covered if they have an accident at the zoo? As we are still in Singapore, all students are covered by the school’s insurance policy. This covers medical and hospital/surgical expenses subject to the policy limits.

9. What will happen in the instance of my child needing medical assistance? All zoo facilitators have first aid training and there is a first aid room at the zoo to tend to minor incidents. If a student needs higher level care, an ambulance will be called for the nearest hospital – Khoo Teck Phuat in Yishan.

Celebration of Learning

Thank you to all parents for taking the time to sit with your child and share their work at home. The children in Grade 2J loved having this opportunity to talk to you about their work and share their best pieces of writing, most impressive problem solving questions and best spelling test results with you! The feedback from the children has been great. We hope you enjoyed having this opportunity, too.


Chocolate Making

It has been a fun and exciting week in our IPC 'Chocolate' unit. This week 2J have been making chocolate treats to package and sell for the 'Willing Hearts' food service charity. This forms part of our Grades learning about sustainability. It has also been a fun, rewarding and educational experience that all of the children will remember. A HUGE thank you to all parents that came in and helped out during these busy chocolate making sessions! This week also saw Grade 2J investigating which material would make the best chocolate wrapper. This involved planning a fair test, recording results and drawing conclusions.

Next week Grade 2J head off on their respective chocolate field trips to Anjali Chocolate. Students will leave school at 8:30am and arrive back by 11:30am. Each classes field trip date is as follows:

Tuesday 7th June 2DBA

Thursday 9th June 2NMA

Friday 10th June 2GSA

On Thursday 9th June, Grade 2 will be running chocolate sales. Students from Grades 2-6 will have the opportunity to purchase our hand made chocolate treats. The sale will be a wonderful end to the unit. We ask that students bring in money to buy some chocolates on the day. The cost of each pack is $4. Exact change would be greatly appreciated and all proceeds go to the willing hearts food service charity.

Language Arts

Information Texts

Students have continued the topic on ‘Information Texts’ or ‘All About’ books.

This week students have been busy planning and writing their own ‘all about’ book on a chosen topic of their choice. We would like to reiterate that we need the students to be 'experts' on a topic; ideally they have chosen a topic they know a lot about already. Again, over the weekend and continued throughout next week, we would like the students to continue to find out as much as they can about their chosen topic as possible. We do not need the students to record their findings, simply know a lot about the chosen topic of their choice. They simply need to be able to verbally retell facts about their chosen topic.

Next week the students will be finishing writing the draft version of their own ‘all about’ books and in the final week of term they will publish these books.

The students spelling focus this week was how to add –y at the end of word. Students learned to follow these 3 rules:

1. For most word just add –y (sleep – sleepy)

2. For words ending in –e, take off the final –e and add –y (laze – lazy)

3. After a short vowel sound, double the final consonant and add –y. (fur – furry)


Multiplication Tables of 3 and 4

This week, Grade 2J have continued learning the 3 and 4 times tables. They have watched videos, sung songs, played multiplication and division games and well as completed their written work on this unit. At the end of the week, the children had their assessment. This will be sent home next week.

Next week, the children will work on their final maths unit of this term, Word Problems: Multiplication and Division. They will learn how to read, understand and solve a problem using the RUCSAC method (Read, Understand, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check). Questions like this will be asked:

Multiplication word problem - There are 2 nests in a tree. There are 5 eggs in each nest. How many eggs are there altogether?

Division word problem - Mrs Ravi has 40 children in the class. Her class is divided into groups of 10. How many groups are there in her class?

Please note that Grade 2J classes will have a weekly times table test from now on.

These will take place on Fridays and will test the children's knowledge of

the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables.

There will be a mixture of multiplication and division questions.

G2 Chocolate Sale

On Thursday 9th June Grade 2 will be running a chocolate sale. Over the course of the day students from Grades 2-6 will have the opportunity to purchase some hand made chocolate treats with the money collected going to Willing Hearts as part of a Grade 2 sustainability project. Willing Hearts is a soup kitchen in Singapore that delivers 3,000 free hot meals across the country every day to the elderly, disabled or those simply finding it hard to make ends meet. We ask that students bring in money to buy chocolates on the day. The cost of each pack is $4. Exact change would be greatly appreciated.

See the clip below for more information:

Feeding thousands in Singapore

Summer Songs

“Summer Songs” - Tuesday 7th June

ES Hall – 4.00-4.50pm:

Items will be presented by ES choir,

Solo singers and staff members.

Come and join us


Senior Choir to arrive at MR1 in school uniform by 3.45pm for a warm-up.

We will then proceed to the ES hall and take our positions on the stage area as we will be presenting the first item, “Ocean Commotion”

All participants to be seated in the front of the audience seating area and come up onto the stage area when your item is announced.

Beyond the Haze

Grade 4 students have been learning about how the lives of people in one country are affected by the activities of people in another country, in relation to natural disasters and extreme weather events. They have been learning more about the haze in Singapore and steps we can take to go beyond the haze.

As a result of this, we will be holding a Beyond the Haze Mufti Day

on Tuesday 14th June.

We will be asking the children to wear black and make a donation to the

'Beyond the Haze' initiative.

'Beyond The Haze' is a self-funded community group that is all about raising awareness about the root causes and broader effects of rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia. All funds raised will go directly to an organisation on the ground in Sumatra called Wildlife Asia. They are working toward curbing the illegal burning of forests in the region.

To accompany this fundraising effort, the Grade 4 children will be preparing a presentation for each class in the school to educate and raise awareness. They will be explaining some of the reasons behind this campaign and what we as individuals can do to help. There will also be posters around the school from next week.

Many thanks for supporting this important initiative at such a busy time of year.

Home Learning

Week 10 - due Friday 10th June (final week of homework for this term)

Please visit our VLE for this homework.

Maths: Complete booklet. Sign into Studyladder to play tables games. (Times table test every Friday)

Handwriting: Please see your child's Home Learning Notebook for the joined up letters practice page using pencil.

Spelling: Please complete the spelling sheet and remember to complete one spelling activity on Thursday. Please do this in your Home Learning book and remember to write

and underline the title.

Reading: Remember to read with an adult for 10-20 minutes each night. Practise re-telling the main points in the text.

Remember to record all reading books in the reading log found in the back of your organiser.

Diary Dates

Tuesday 7th June - Grade 2DBa chocolate making trip to Anjali Chocolat

Tuesday 7th June - Summer Songs, 4pm ES Hall

Thursday 9th June -Grade 2NMa chocolate making trip to Anjali Chocolat

Thursday 9th June - Grade 2 Chocolate Sale

Friday 10th June - Grade 2GSm chocolate making trip to Anjali Chocolat

Friday 10th June - Zoo payment due

Tuesday 14th June - Parent Teacher Conferences 3.30pm-7.30pm

Wednesday 15th June - House Reward Afternoon....details to follow

Friday 17th June 2016 - End of term, 12.20pm finish