The Outlook on American Hunger

Shayla Elmore

Feeding The Hungry

America has many causes and charities. They range from Feeding America or helping America in a range of ways. A serious charity is Feeding America. Their basic goal is to stop worldwide hunger in America. This charity helps children, hispanics, african americans, seniors, and many other people in need. Feeding America’s mission is to build a nationwide network of food banks and help support local communities in need. This charity has been working hard for thirty-five years and still continuing today. This charity was developed with John Val Hengel. Some time later, he established a local charity St. Mary’s Food Bank. This was the nation’s first food bank. During this time Hengel distributed 275,000 pounds of food. Soon after this there was a Second Harvest established. They later changed the name to its now name Feeding America.

Charity Outlook

Feeding America is a nationwide helpful service to those in needs. This charity invests 98 cents off of every dollar donated. Feeding America doesn't just help feed people they also promote healthy eating and lifestyles. Through donations, Feeding America, has provided more than 46 million people that are at risk for hunger. This includes 12 million children and 7 million seniors. Some interesting things that they do is. They serve virtually every community. They build unparalleled national, local partnerships. Feeding America is the nation’s leading hunger research organization. Feeding America is a charity that includes partners that also help provide assistance. There are multiple ways for you to give donations. You can donate money to them online. You can also go to your local Feeding America food bank and donate your time and guidance. Feeding America is a greatly appreciated in the help to fight and stop hunger.

How To Reach Out.

This is a simple way to reach out and get further information if needed.

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  1. In 2013, 10 percent of seniors, lived below the poverty line.

  2. 15.8 million children lived in food-insecure households in 2012.

  3. 15 percent of rural households are food insecure.


1.One in three client households has a senior household member 60 years or older.

2.More than one in four adult clients have more than a high school education.

3. Compared to all regions, the South continues to have the highest poverty rate among people in families living in rural areas.

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