The Weekly Scoop

September 19, 2016

School News

There is a Munford Spirit Night tomorrow, Tuesday, September 21, at the Sweet Frog on Libbie Avenue. It is from 5-7pm and 25% of the proceeds go to Munford. You must present a flyer that is going home today.

The James River Boat Trip is scheduled for October 6th. A permission slip and a health form is going home today. The cost of the trip is $25. I am putting some money from field trip fees towards it, but it is expensive because we need a charter bus for one class. We use a mini-bus which is a little cheaper. Many kids think it is the best field trip in fourth grade.

The author of the Mysterious Benedict Society series, Trenton Lee Stewart is visiting Mary Munford on September 30th, a pre-order form is going home to order autographed books if you are interested.

SNACK - We will begin to have a "working snack." It must be fruit or veggies ONLY. They must be easy to eat. For example, an orange should be sliced or peeled. Please do not send in any messy drippy, food, as we will be doing school work while eating. If your child forgets their snack, they will not be calling home. Thank you for your cooperation.

Subject by Subject

In math, we will continue to work through Topic 1 in our math book. It covers place value, rounding, and using money. We will have a short quiz on Friday on comparing and ordering numbers.

In language arts we will have unannounced reading quizzes. The quizzes involve reading two passages and answering 10 questions. It is not something that the students can study for in advance. The class is working on a narrative writing piece, main idea and supporting details. I am testing reading levels so we can split into small reading groups. This week they will work on sequencing, using a dictionary, and the components of fiction. Ms. Auernheimer, the student teacher is teaching language arts and she is doing a fabulous job!

In social studies they are learning about the five regions of Virginia. There will be a map quiz on Thursday. A study guide will be sent home today.

In science we are working on the process skills. This week we are working on inference and classifying.

If your child is below a 75 on the math whiz, please work on math facts at home in addition to my math facts homework. You can quiz your child in the car, do flash cards, or use Reflex Math.

Also, I would like each child to read on their independent level. They know what level they are on from class. You can use a free app Book Wizard to check the level of books. They also can take any book home from my library and they are leveled. By reading on their level, the research, and also my own experience shows that students improve the fastest. My observation is that when students are reading above their level, they do not make nearly the same progress as the kids who work through the levels and read right on their level.