Textile Industry

By: Maalik Ibrahim

Textiles in the early ages

Textiles have been an industry since before the industrial revolution, as textiles were manufactured, distributed, and sold in various places in the world. As textiles became a mainstream industry, many technological advances allowed it become one of the most demanded industries in the world. Everything from clothing, bed sheets, and chair covers are part of the Textile industry and thrive on it's advancements.

Examples of Technological Advances in the Textile Industry

Textiles at one point in time were hand woven and spun. This act took many hours and multiple workers to make small amounts of fabric. The inventions of the Loom, the spinning jenny, and shuttles were vital to the textile industry.

The Textile Industry Cares about children

Many corporations banning child labor products

Corporations such as Adidas and Reebok have claimed to only sell child labor free products. This move is a social move to educate their customers about the harsh realities of the Textile Industry.