LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 30, 2017

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Oct 30 - Nov 3 - Book Fair!!!

Oct 31 - Halloween (Costumes allowed with restrictions)

Nov 1 & 2 - GIRLS Basketball Tryouts (7th 7am, 8th 8 period - 5pm)

Nov 2 - LVMS Football AWAY @ Marion

Nov 8 - Hey Dude Nice Shoes Presentation

Nov 9 - Last LVMS Football Game HOME vs. Luling

Nov 13 &14 - BOYS Basketball Tryouts (7th 7am, 8th 8 period - 5pm)

Nov 14 - PTO Meeting 6:30

Nov 15 - Coffee with the Principal

Nov 20 - 24 - Thanksgiving Break

Report Cards

Report cards were mailed home Thursday, October 26th. Please look for them in the mail.
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Thanks to everyone who helped make November’s Teacher Appreciation Lunch a success! Many of these teachers/coaches were pulling a double with the LVMS dance & our 2nd district varsity football game in Ingram so they were so appreciative of your support.

Membership Drive: PTO membership envelopes were mailed out with report cards. All LVMS students that return the envelope will receive a special invitation card to “Hat Day and Blow Pops” Student will be allowed wear a hat all day & will be given a Blow Pop during Scholar Time.. join PTO and allow your student to break the rules for a really great cause!

Our next PTO meeting will be November 14th 6:30 in the middle school library. This is a general meeting where we will elect officers. If you are interested in holding a position, please email Kris at for information.

You can sign up online at

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The amount of bond is $2.9 million.

Will taxes increase? No, the tax rate will remain the same $1.32

What is the bond for? HVAC replacements, transportation needs, technology needs, maintenance equipment, and service road repair.

How long will it take to pay off the bond? The bond will be paid off in 6 years.

Will we have to send any of the bond money back to the state? No, LVISD will be able to keep 100% of the money.

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LVMS Volleyball Season

The 2017-2018 LVMS Volleyball season offered its fans plenty of excitement, tons of skills, and wins galore! We are super proud of our young ladies and the way they represented LVMS all season long!

Records, notables, and quotes:

7th A team is undefeated this season!

7th Gold Team - 6-0 FIRST in DISTRICT!!!

7th Blue Team - 2-2

8th Gold Team - 4-2 SECOND in DISTRICT!!!

8th Blue Team - 5-1

“The season was so much fun! Working hard played off by winning 1st place at district!”

- Arianna Biniak

“This season was fun I got to practice. I got to cheer them on and we got to play good this season!” - Trinity Bandow

“Hustle, hit never quite.” - Peyton Stoner

Coach Karg had the following to offer about the seasons;

"This has been an incredible season! Our girls have grown as volleyball players as well as team members. They've learned amazing skills and worked very well together this year!"

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Specific Times TBD for November 8 at LVMS!

"I am a fervent advocate of Public Schools and have been volunteering and serving the public school system in the state of Texas for the past 15 years. I have done everything from substitute teach, to be a RIF volunteer, to mentoring students to answering phones in the office. In short, I have made public schools my life's work. I started speaking to groups about parenting perspective about six years ago. A word kept bubbling up in our discussions...Bullying. I would hear it on the radio, read it in the headlines and see it on the news. Why is this suddenly such an epidemic and WHAT makes in different now? In the past two years I have developed an anti-bullying/ pro-kindness workshop for students and their parents. " Hey Dude, nice shoes" is a customizable presentation geared at educating students and their parents about the Who, what, when, where, whys and hows of Bullying. I have traveled all over the state delivering this message to thousands of students and their parents. Through this two part presentation my goal is to educate and inspire children and adults alike to -be the change- and make a positive difference in our world. I cover everything from basic definitions and policies to recent legislation pertaining to bullying in schools. Through personal stories...and some hilarious pictures I try to make one relatable point. We are all human. We all are fighting a battle that no one knows anything about and we all can take a moment to be kind."


LVMS is proud to present Project Vinátta, our very first "No Place for Hate" student-led, anti-hate/anti-bullying coalition. It's called Project Vinátta, for that's the Viking word for friendship. Students participating in Project Vinátta will be conducting a variety of inclusive, anti-hate activities within the school and community throughout the year. Students had the opportunity to fill out an application to explain why they would be an asset to the group. The Project Vinátta Coalition will begin developing activities this week during Skolar time.

Any parents who might be interested in serving as the parent representative on our Project Vinátta Coalition, please refer to the application and video link below.

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When: 7:45am - 8:10am

Where: Viking Hall

What's Available: Tuesday and Thursday ELA and Social Studies

Wednesday and Friday Math and Science

How To Access: Tutorial Request Form on our Website at the link below

Copies of the TRF will also be available to students in their classrooms, in the cafeteria, and in the front office and library.